Bozal Zahol


Tiefling priest of Kyuss affiliated with the Cult of the Ebon Triad. He convinced Loris Raknian that Kyuss, as the god of decay, could offer exemption from the ravages of aging. On Zahol’s direction, Raknian attempted to offer the Champion Auric as a sacrifice to an ulgurstasa, but the ritual was interrupted by the party.

The party destroyed Zahol by teleporting and dimension dooring directly into his private chambers beneath the Champions Arena and killing him before he had a chance to respond. Their knowledge of him came from Raknian’s confession. Raknian referred to Zahol as “sinister”, and felt that once he was entangled with Zahol he could not free himself from his clutches until Lahaka Smallcask came into his life. It was to Zahol he turned, however, when Lahaka left him for Auric.


Bozal Zahol

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