Faceless One Letter

The Age of Worms

The secrets of this page are most holy. Know ye heretics who invade them that the eye of Vecna is upon you.

If you read this, Theldrick, you have likely slain me and doomed our cause, you worthless fool. If it is YOU, heretic, that reads these words…then adoration be to Vecna for the time is nigh for our final victory.

Long did my creator-self toil in arcane laboratories and crumbling crypts in search of the true history of Vecna, Maimed God of secrets and intrigue. Unlike Hextor or Erythnul, Vecna was once mortal and left a tangible legacy cut through the scant written records of his human history. Several texts claim Vecna’s august authorship, and more still claim to record his spoken edicts. In one such account, the Nethertome of Trask, my creator-self came across a name… Kyuss.

The Nethertome quoted the fabled Way of the Ebon Triad and its revelation of the Age of Worms, during which a great Overgod of evil will arise and remold the world in His image. We of the true faith know this Overgod to be the adhesion of Hextor, Erythnul and Vecna, but what we did not know was that, according to the Nethertome, the Age of Worms cannot begin until its herald, its harbinger, the mighty Kyuss, once again stalks the land. The Ebon Aspect we labor to raise from the pool, the Aspect whose summoning has so driven Grallack, will, I now believe, help open the door to the herald Kyuss, not directly to the Overgod Himself.

Two years ago, in Greyhawk, the agents of my creator-self unearthed evidence of Spawn of Kyuss in the nearby hills and marshes. He needed to investigate, but could not leave his other work… so he created me, this simulacrum you have known during your time here in Diamond Lake. I, my simulacrum-self, came here, specifically to the Black Cathedral for we learned from the Nethertome that Vecna had once conducted grim and glorious experiments in a subterranean cathedral in this region. I learned of Dourstone’s operation, caused the shaft to be created, and set up studies in these hidden chambers. Soon you arrived, then the prophet of slaughter, and the rest you know – our training, our work with the pool, our labors to awaken the Ebon Aspect.

However, what you have not been told is that I have finally used the arcane secrets stored in this ancient home of my once-mortal god to learn the true means of awakening the Ebon Aspect, thus paving the way to the coming of the harbinger of the Age of Worms. It is so simple! And it lay before our eyes the entire time we were here! A sacrifice is required to awaken the Ebon Aspect, yes. But not the sacrifices Grallak has been making. It is not the innocent we must bleed… it is ourselves, our devoted cult itself. We must fall in earnest battle against true heretics, fall defending our lives, our secrets and our work, and then… with the deaths of we three priests… or perhaps two… or merely one, I know not… the Ebon Aspect will rise and our work here will be done.

All of my recent activity has had but one intended end: drawing powerful heretics below, so that through blood, battle, sacrifice and silence, the Ebon Aspect may be called. Of course, dear Theldrick, if you were so rash as to slay my followers and I before the arrival of the heretics, then we all have failed. In that case, trust that my creator-self will hunt you down for slaying this simulacrum in waste. And the manner of your grisly death will be the subject of whispers for Ages to come.


Faceless one note

Faceless One Letter

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