Jierian's Prophecy

“The sky will open!

The Faceless One whispers in darkness.

You will do his bidding

Because you sin, because you hate.

And that which Should–Not–Be shall rise

To feast on slaughter beneath the worm–torn sky.

“The sky will open!

A Champion shall rise.

The Chosen will fall.

Fury bleeds.

Flame feeds flame

And flesh eats flesh

While thousands scream.

“The sky will open!

You will unlock the past

Dark knowledge will spread

To every corner of the world.

The fallen minions of the Harbinger rise again

In the rift and by the spire!

“The sky will open!

You will eat the food of the dark prince:

Maggots, worms, and ashes.

You will kiss the claws of the vampire,

Giving succor to the feast of blood!

You will bring them hope!

You will destroy the world!

“The sky will open!

The new Age dawns…

The dark time…

The waiting time…

The writhing time…


Delivered directly to Tyrrell by Jierian Wierus on 22 Patchwall 595.

Note that Auric of the Ashborn is the current Champion of the Champions Games in Greyhawk, that Riddle refers to himself as a “Chosen”, that Fury is mentioned in the same stanza, and that “flesh eating flesh” could refer to Scar-Eater. The party finally contacted Allustan Neff for his interpretation on the 6th of Ready’reat, CY 595. The “Harbinger” is Kyuss. The “Rift” is the Great Rift Canyon, site of the Battle of Pesh. No info about the “spire” though.

Note also that the first stanza could be interpreted to match the events beneath the Dourstone Mine on the 4th of Ready’reat, CY 595.


Jierian's Prophecy

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