Race of powerful pre-historical elemental beings, possibly the forefathers of the djinn, ruled by a warrior caste known as the Wind Dukes of Aaqa.

Riddle has some connection to the Vaati, whether through his blood or from an incident that occurred in the Whispering Cairn or some combination of both. His divine power seems to come from them, and the voices of the Vaati have chastised and punished him when he has drifted from the enigmatic place upon which they have placed him.

The party’s research at the temple library in Magepoint revealed the pantheon of the Vaati:

Itifaar, the Beginning: LN, God of Creation
Isme, the End: LN, Goddess of Death
Elistaa, the Order: LG, Goddess of Community
Taurah, the Blade: LE, God of War
K’atiir, the Storm: LE, God of Emotion
Faruq, the Light: LN, God of Knowledge
Ahliisa, the Myster: LN, Goddess of Magic



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