The Age of Worms

Session Two

Sunday, 16 Patchwall CY 595 (continued)

Strange animated egg battle

Rested in entryway of Whispering Cairn

Moonday, 17 Patchwall CY 595

Rested in entryway of Whispering Cairn

Godsday, 18 Patchwall CY 595

Riddle discovers he can understand the voices in the Cairn now

Party travels down the other “elevator” to more utilitarian, less artistic, but similarly laid out hallway

Acid beetle and swarm battle

3 Seeker corpses found

Tyrrell acquires a set of Seeker armor and all others take a Seeker symbol

Underground water-filled chambers discovered

Water elemental battle

Rested in entryway of Whispering Cairn

Waterday, 19 Patchwall CY 595

In underwater chamber, discovery of missing tile to operate rainbow chamber devices

Travel up a 200’ “elevator” shaft from sarcophagus in rainbow chamber

Entry into the ball room with the scary ghost child

Battle with the worm lurking amongst the balls


JaneFury JaneFury

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