The Age of Worms

Session Four

Freeday, 21 Patchwall CY 595 (continued)

Riddle and Tyrrell returned to the farm

Jane went to Diamond Lake to arrange for the sale of the owlbear cub and met Shag Solomon

Jane returned to the Land farm with Bogodor and three teenagers who took the owlbear cub and paid the party 200 platinum pieces

Party inspected the abandoned Deepspike Mine, a place they believed Smenk used for…disposal

Starday, 22 Patchwall CY 595

Fury, with Tyrrell’s necklace in her mouth, waited for Kullen’s toadies Todrik and Merovinn at a crossroads, and baited them into chasing her to where Tyrrell waited to lead them further into ambush

Todrik and Merovinn were taken prisoner and brought to the Deepspike Mine for questioning
Merovinn told the party that Filge was living at the Old Observatory creating a “feast of zombies”

Merovinn was knocked out and Todrik questioned

Tyrrell dropped Todrik’s masterwork guisarme down the pit

Riddle pushed Todrik down the pit, causing some consternation from the party, particularly Jane, and not so particularly Scar-Eater

Merovinn was left in the Deepspike Mine with food but no means to be heard.


JaneFury JaneFury

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