The Age of Worms

Session Five

Starday, 22 Patchwall CY 595 (continued)

The party cased the observatory and began to formulate a plan of attack

Riddle and Jane went to the boneyard to see if the Cult of the Green Lady had any information to offer, only to find the four acolytes slaughtered and no sign of the priestess Amariss. They also discovered some disturbed graves in the boneyard

Tyrrell and Scar-Eater went to investigate the closing of the garrison at the Midnight Salute and the Spinning Giant, but before they could do that, they were confronted by Jierian Wierus and his followers and enthralled. Wierus then delivered what sounded like a prophecy before marking Tyrrell with some strange green light, which left a scar even Riddle’s magical healing could not remove. After finding the two garrison taverns locked and unresponsive, Tyrrell and Scar-Eater met back up with Jane and Riddle

The party decided to try to talk to Allustan again before going to the Observatory, but were detained by the sighting of a figure at the old menhir stones. They turned off to investigate, but could not follow the creature when it dashed into the woods

The party headed to the Observatory and while investigating the shed below the stairs, Tyrrell encountered Filge’s “Fetcher/Gatherer”. They destroyed it before it could warn others of their arrival, but no sooner had it been put down than the “Hunter/Seeker” caught sight of them. Jane destroyed it but Filge’s plans were already in motion.

After a treacherous battle with the necromancer and his “beautiful monstrosities” that almost destroyed the whole party, Filge surrendered rather than risk another blow from Riddle or Tyrrell.


Ugh. That battle SUCKED! Was anyone not practically dead by the time Filge gave up?

Session Five
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