The Age of Worms

Session Six

Starday, 22 Patchwall CY 595 (continued)

Riddle and Tyrrell questioned Filge about what he’s doing in Diamond Lake. Filge turned over the bones of the Land Family and allowed us to destroy the other undead in the Observatory without resistance. Filge revealed that he had been invited to Diamond Lake by Balabar Smenk for the purpose of helping Smenk figure out how to deal with what has been happening in the Dourstone Mine. He also mentioned Kyuss worms and the Cult of the Ebon Triad, who are apparently concerned with creating Spawn of Kyuss. Filge was alternately hostile (especially after Tyrrell read his diary containing ravings against the Greyhawk Guild of Wizards, which rejected him for admission, and someone named Godfrey, a lover who had jilted him) and subservient, begging Riddle to take him along with the party when they went seeking secrets about Vecna.

While the others questioned Filge, Fury kept an eye out at the bottom of the stairs in Filge’s bedroom, and she heard approaching footfalls from the roof where the party had entered. She was surprised to see her old companion Long Fist, and immediately lay down at his feet.

The party left Filge without his Feast of Zombies to handle Smenk on his own and to continue his research into the Kyuss worms. They returned to their mining shack to hear Long Fist’s story, eventually inviting him to join the party. Long Fist accepted.

Sunday, 23 Patchwall CY 595

Jane treated Tyrrell for the corpsebloat he contracted from one of Filge’s homonculi, and Riddle treated Jane for the same.

Moonday, 24 Patchwall CY 595

Jane continued her treatment of Tyrrell, but he still suffered some Strength damage from the disease, while Riddle successfully helped rid the disease from Jane.

Godsday, 25 Patchwall CY 595

Jane succeeds in helping Tyrrell rid the disease from his body.

In the evening, the party buried the bones they had recovered from Filge with those of Alistor Land. Wet and tired, they returned to the Whispering Cairn and spent the night in the entryway.

Waterday, 26 Patchwall CY 595

The party made their way through to the previously unopened door to find it ajar. Upon entering they were confronted by two elemental creatures called wind warriors in armor and carrying swords, and four large murals that came to life when bathed in jets of steam. After a fierce battle, the party defeated both warriors.


JaneFury JaneFury

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