The Age of Worms

Session Six-Point-Five

Waterday, 26 Patchwall CY 595 (continued)

The party traveled up the central wind tunnel to the final chamber of the Whispering Cairn, Zosiel’s sarcophagus, where they found some items that appeared to be ones depicted in the murals below, including the red-tipped horns of a demon that killed Zosiel, the small adamantine loop and handle device (identified as a talisman of the sphere) the demon used to control the sphere of annihilation that did so, and Zosiel’s diadem itself. Riddle put on the diadem and a new glyph was revealed upon it. A plan was hatched to head back into town and for Jane and Long Fist to check on Merovinn and sell items while Riddle, Tyrrell, and Scar-Eater talked to Allustan.

Earthday, 27 Patchwall CY 595

The party returned to town by way of the Observatory in an effort to find out if Filge had discovered anything useful about the worms before items were purchased. They found the Observatory with Filge’s black curtains all taken down and three of Cubbin’s deputies patrolling the area. Jane and Long Fist headed to check on Bask and the others went in search of the wizard.

Jane and Long Fist encountered garrison troops outside the Deepspike Mine, who reported that the garrison had commandeered the mine in the name of Greyhawk pending resulotion of what was found inside: Todrik’s corpse and the tortured Bask, whose tongue had been cut out. Long Fist offered tracking services but found only evidence of two booted humanoids dragging something heavy out of the mine 2 or 3 days earlier. The guards wouldn’t say anything about what was going on at the Observatory, but they warned Jane and Long Fist about the religious rabble in the streets of town, and against “a bunch of teenaged kids swinging steel” who were wanted for questioning. They specifically mentioned only young men. From there, Jane and Long Fist shopped at Osgood’s and the Captain’s Blade, selling and purchasing armor and weapons, though they chose to buy weapons only for Scar-Eater and Long Fist, and not Riddle, lest they align themselves with the hunted-for teenaged kids in Tyrol Ebberly’s mind. Their last stop was to see Velias Childramun at the garrison temple to Heironeous for potions. They overheard bits of news at the garrison, and Long Fist was invited to spend the evening there.

Meanwhile, the other three boys visited Allustan, finding him at home. The wizard was deeply disappointed in the boys for putting him in “an impossible position” with his brother, but Riddle and Tyrrell explained their side of things, putting Allustan at ease. Allustan shared a great deal of information about local events, the Wind Dukes, the Spawn of Kyuss/ Cult of the Ebon Triad, and Dourstone’s operation. He also found new insight into the interpretation of an old prophecy he acquired from a former High Priest at the garrison. They learned that Smenk had been quietly putting the word out that he sought a sit-down with Tyrrell. Allustan, concerned about Smenk’s reports of unkillable zombies in the southern hills, sent word to his friend Marzena Brevyns at Blackwall Keep to see if she had any more information.

The party reconnected and shared all they had learned from their separate missions.


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