The Age of Worms

Session Seven

Earthday, 27 Patchwall CY 595 (continued)

The party decides to accept Smenk’s offer of a sit-down and determine that Long Fist should spend the night at the garrison in the hopes of getting more information from Velias Childramun.

Freeday, 28 Patchwall CY 595

The party reconnects at the Land farm early in the morning and sends a message to Smenk via the feather token, instructing him to meet them in twenty minutes, and to bring no more than three people with him. Fury races ahead to ensure that Smenk is complying with the instructions and returns to tell the others that he is, but that there also seemed to be much more to Smenk than met the eye at first – the fat old man is surprisingly agile for one of his girth.

Smenk parleys with Tyrrell while the others watch from various places. He offers peace between the party and his gang in exchange for evidence against Ragnolin Dourstone that Smenk coan use to shut down the dwarf’s operations. He provides a map of an area 400’ below the surface in the Dourstone Mine known as the Black Cathedral, where the Cult of the Ebon Triad performs their research, ceremonies, and atrocities. Smenk reports having seen terrible things there, and also that he was now bleeding money providing supplies for the Cult’s activities, as they have stopped paying and killed his chief administrator when he tried to cut back on the supplies. To ensure that Kullen Crushskull will not take matters of revenge against the party into his own hands, Smenk offers to have the albino half-orc jailed for one week. Smenk goes on his way and later that day, Jane delivers a message to him through Zalamandra (who makes it clear it was the last favor she will do for Riddle), saying, “Offer accepted. Deliver the package to the Sheriff.”

Fury and Tyrrell scout out the Dourstone Mine and soon determine that getting in was not going to be easy.


Starday, 1 Ready’reat CY 595

Riddle and Long Fist spend a day working in the Dourstone Mine. Long Fist is exhausted at the end of the day, Riddle merely fatigued. Not much learned.

Sunday, 2 Ready’reat CY 595

Just before midnight, Jane casts mass camouflage on the party and a fog cloud on the yard at the Dourstone Mine entrance. Riddle updrafts everyone into the yard. There is a close call when Riddle makes a terrible amount of noise and draws the attention of the guard, but a quick-thinking Tyrrell imitates the rasping, lisping voice he heard Smenk describe from his trip below: “Thisss isss not your affair…” and the guard stands down.

Moonday, 3 Ready’reat CY 595

The party enters the darkness of the Dourstone Mine. They quickly find the boarded up entrance to the left of the entryway and make their way in, down a long, sloping passage to the lift described by Smenk. They climb in and ride their way down to the Black Cathedral, where it is pitch black and only Long Fist can see. He spots two guards with thick strange tails, wearing tabards of Erythnul, at the right corridor, and though it seems like they would not attack if Long Fist just didn’t attempt to go that way, his aggressive stance causes them to prepare for an attack, activate some kind of darkness spell in the chamber, and sound an alarm. Long Fist destroys a few skeletons and Riddle sets off an obscuring mist to attempt to aid Long Fist in the fight, while the rest of the party scrambles around for light. Scar-Eater runs to the top platform of the Black Cathedral (above the roiling pit of black goo) to retrieve two objects lying there – a small leather pouch, and a silver idol of a ferocious beast like creature.


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