The Age of Worms

Session Eleven

Godsday, 4 Ready’reat CY 595 (continued)

The party traces some escaped Kenku to a secret door near the end of the maze and follows them through after collecting loot. At 9 am, Tyrrell opens the secret door into a wash of sickly green light. Long Fist recognizes this as a holy site of Vecna, left with an imprint of the Maimed God’s presence. The party hears low-tone chanting. Long Fist kills the Kenku who got away before the party is spotted.

The party interrupts some kind of ritual with two humans in black robes at an altar. There is also a 6’ wide, 5’ tall free-floating glob of magical eldritch energy, which attacks Tyrrell. The walls are strange green rock with purple veins writhing inside. The columns look like stalks of human hands covered in tar. A battle ensues, eventually resulting in the death of the Faceless One, whose corpse turns to snow, revealing it to be a mere simulacrum of the true creature.

They discover the bodies of Amariss and the missing priest of Heironeous, Tormin Arsylis, along with their holy symbols and equipment. There is much loot collecting and identifying, including a cypher that allows the party to read a letter from the Faceless One to Theldrick. Upon decoding the letter, the party is horrified to learn that by killing two of the three head priests of the Cult of the Ebon Triad, they may have unwittingly raised the Ebon Aspect themselves. A noticable rumbling in the ground seems to confirm this fact, and the party rushes back out into the Black Cathedral to fight what they have raised. After some unfortunate blows, they realize their usual fighting style will do nothing against this thing, and scramble to think of another plan on the fly.


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