The Age of Worms

Session Twelve

Godsday, 4 Ready’reat CY 595 (continued)

The party dashes back towards the temple of Vecna labyrinth, hoping to confine the Ebon Aspect and limit its power. Tyrrell sneaks into a secret panel towards the entrance while Fury, having taken a full attack from the Ebon Aspect and hovering on the brink of unconsciousness, runs to the far end of the labyrinth, into the laboratory where the party left some items that might help them against the evil overlord. Riddle casts an obscuring mist into the hallway and Long Fist gets Scar-Eater back into the game with his laying on hands ability, now enhanced by his Cloak of Charisma. Tyrrell’s marbles trip up the Aspect enough for Tyrrell’s short sword to strike a critical sneak attack. Fury returns to deliver the +1 heavy shield of blinding to Long Fist. The Aspect briefly doubles in size, healing itself somehow as well, and effectively carves a space for its regular-sized self out of the hallway. The grimlocks run into the hallway to attack Scar-Eater, but Riddle dispatches one of them easily with his now-magical crossbow. Scar-Eater manages to tumble through the remaining grimlock’s space to deliver what he hopes will be a crushing blow to the Aspect, a blow suffused with his own dwindling life energy and a shocking grasp spell. He manages to get the blow across, but failing to beat the Aspect’s Spell Resistance, the shocking grasp only appears to heal the creature of most of the damage from the attack. Long Fist raises the shield of Heironeous to the Aspect and blinds it for a few rounds, in which the party moves in for the kill. Jane’s snake’s swiftness spell, re-memorized through her pearl of power, allows Long Fist to deliver the final blow, disrupting the Aspect back into the black goo from the pool of the Cathedral. In the meantime, the structural damage to the Black Cathedral continues, until the entire place seems to cave in upon itself.

After the battle, the party heals itself as best it can without draining all of their resources, divvies up the remaining loot (for all that was hid in the Temple of Hextor was lost), and send off two feather tokens, one to Allustan, and one to Velias Childramun at the garrison. Then they settle in to decide what to do next.


JaneFury JaneFury

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