The Age of Worms

Session Fifteen

Starday, 8 Ready’reat CY 595 (continued)

Jane is struck suddenly with a foreboding feeling that all may not be as it appears and appeals to the party to consider reviving and questioning the one lizardfolk who survived their approach.

Though it does little to change their minds about continuing to assault the lizardfolk surrounding the tower, the party learns that these lizardfolk are from the Twisted Branch and that they seek vengeance against all humans for the slaughter of an entire generation of lizardfolk 10 seasons ago. Their king, Shukak, leads them, along with a dragon named Illthain who aids them and guards their eggs. Eventually the lizardfolk hope to overtake Greyhawk itself. The tribe lives 23 miles due south, and have Marzena and others.

The party continues to assault the lizardfolk and eventually either kills or drives all of them away, capturing Kushak, leader of the assault.

The party investigates the Keep and questions those who survived the assault. In Marzena’s chambers, the party finds four ceramic jars filled with putrefying segmented Kyuss worms that appear to have been rotting for about 2 years. They also learned that she’d found some sort of lizardfolk burial ground in the swamps and seemed amped up about what she’d discovered there. Long Fist finds the signs of lizardfolk entering the lower area where they abducted Marzena, Lieutenant Forrest, and two soldiers, Wilkin and Kurt.

The party manacles Kushak and then revives him. He follows Shukak, who is their king. He claims they took the prisoners for food, labor, and/or sacrifice, back to their tribe. He tells the party they can find the tribe by following the dry places to the south and that they will see their trees and their nest. Oh and they should beware the dragon. When asked about the Kyuss worms, he flies into a rage claiming that wizards from Greyhawk brought the worms. Illthain has told them this. The worms ate their eggs, ate their young and then died (though this does not jibe with what the party knows about the worms). The burial grounds are deep in the swamp. The party decides to go and try to deal with the tribe and Illthain, as hopeless as that may seem, but plan to use this humbled leader to embark upon a diplomatic mission.


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