The Age of Worms

Session Sixteen

Sunsday, 9 Ready’reat CY 595

On the road for several hours, having built a raft for Kushak. Several miles the first day through the swamps, after avoiding an encounter with a crocodile, and deciding to turn back before dark to avoid camping in or traveling through cockatrice territory.

Moonday, 10 Ready’reat CY 595

The party comes within a mile of the tribe lair by 4 pm, and solidifies the plan, which is immediately tested by the unforeseen presence of two harpy guards. However, the party deals with them most effectively and decides to drag them into the lair with them as a show of strength.
The party bullies their way into the throne room where all are gathered. They repeat their demands three times, first in Draconic, then in Druidic, then in Common. There is much debate, but then Shukak ends it by challenging any one of the party for control of the tribe. No one volunteers, so the king offers a five-on-five challenge the party cannot refuse. After defeating Shukak, Kotabas, and Shesht (along with two other warriors), the party makes a deal with Hishka to retrieve a written agreement from Greyhawk to stop the violence between humans and lizardfolk, and the human prisoners who still live are returned. Lieutenant Archie Forrest is dazed but generally all right, but Marzena’s hands have been cut off and her jaw shattered.


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