The Age of Worms

Session Eighteen

Godsday, 11 Ready’reat CY 595 (continued)

Thanks to alchemists fire and a body of the sun spell the party is just able to contain the worms and defeat the spawn they give rise to over the course of the battle. All in all, anywhere from 75 – 80% percent of the lizardfolk eggs are spared.

Archie immediately informs the party there is a Spawn of Kyuss trapped in the abandoned escape tunnel at Blackwall Keep, and that it’s been there for two years. Hishka notes that it’s a good thing it was down here to witness what happened, or the tribe would have blamed the party for both the worms and the loss of the eggs. Jane notices that Hishka looks ill, and determines it is in the initial stages of a rapid-onset disease, which they realize can be caused by another type of Kyuss worm, a “slow worm”, which sounds like the cause for the Spawn currently residing at Blackwall Keep. Archie asks Hishka why the lizardfolk attack the Keep unprovoked two years earlier, and it explains that Illthain told them human wizards had destroyed a generation of eggs with these worms, putting everything both the party and lizardfolk think they know to doubt. Illthain arrived on the heels of the destruction of the eggs. Illthain also treated privately with the battlemage who became the Spawn of Kyuss at the Keep, Ernst Walker.

The party spends the rest of the day either helping collapse Illthain’s entrance to the lair, helping evacuate the eggs from the hatchery, or treating Hishka with long term care.

Waterday, 12 Ready’reat CY 595

Tyrrell finds and loots the harpy nest in the lair, and Scar-Eater contemplates the Kyuss worms again to glean more information through his arcane knowledge. Jane checks the party for infestations, finding none, and then the lizardfolk tribe. One manifestation of the slow worms’ disease is found and removed.

Archie tells the whole story of Ernst Walker.

The party leaves the lair and sets out for Blackwall Keep. After four hours they stop to wake up Marzena. She is hysterical, of course, for some time, but later they are able to catch her up with events. The party continues on to the Keep and finds Dobrun Trent with his militia and most of the boys they left behind on the grounds, and the door barricaded shut. Trent informs the party they found the Spawn in the Keep and lost a few men trying to contain it. He also reports that there are now three of them barred behind the door.


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