The Age of Worms

Session Nineteen


Waterday, 12 Ready’reat CY 595 (continued)

The party learns that the two new Spawn in the Keep are named Blake and Krinn. The party assesses their strength and makes a plan.

Earthday, 13 Ready’reat CY 595

Tyrrell and Archie are unnerved on their watch by the howling of wolves in the distance. It doesn’t take them long to discern that creatures inside the keep are waiting for the howling noises to move around, which makes them smarter than the average zombie. Indeed this proves true, as the party’s careful plan to lure them into the open is thrown out the window by the spawn’s refusing to play along! After eight brutal rounds of combat, that include Long Fist and Riddle digging burrowing Kyuss worms from their own bodies, the party takes down the spawn. After the battle, Jane discovers that Riddle seems to be suffering from a supernatural disease, possibly the onset of dimension. She removes disease from him and the party figures out what to do next.


JaneFury JaneFury

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