The Age of Worms

Session Twenty

Earthday, 13 Ready’reat CY 595 (continued)

The party conducts a thorough search of the Keep but finds nothing. However, everyone takes a dagger in the event that the worms are encountered again (daggers being the best defense against a burrowing worm).

Archie makes a point to say that the party shouldn’t tell anyone they encounter what really happened to Ernst Walker. Dobrun Trent relates news of events in Diamond Lake, especially what’s going on with the ghost of Jierian Wierus.

The party decides to head back to Diamond Lake. Marzena wants to go to Greyhawk, and since the party is fairly confident they will end up there eventually, brings her along. She loans Riddle her ring of protection +1 and Archie her dagger +1. They camp for the night, and on Jane and Scar-Eater’s watch, fight a group of wolves and werewolves. Long Fist is injured but immune to lycanthropy.

Freeday, 14 Ready’reat CY 595

As the party moves towards town the encounter and fight a two-headed, boulder-throwing giant that absorbs spells when it isn’t just ignoring the effects. It seems to fighting alongside a messed up grizzly bear. During the fight, Riddle attempts to drink one of the potions the party recovered from Illthain’s chest, and swallows what he believes is a Kyuss worm! He manages to regurgitate it and warn the party about Illthain’s ill-gotten goods. After the battle the party studies the worm for more information.

The party arrives at Diamond Lake around 6:00 in the evening, and they head straight to the garrison to see Trask and Childramun. They learn of Dourstone’s suicide and the ensuing clamor over his property rights. The officers advise that the party take the lizardfolk treaty to the foreign minister in Greyhawk, and if they can get his goodwill on the matter, perhaps they might be able to mobilize into the swamps to investigate the hatcheries of other tribes.


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