The Age of Worms

Session Twenty-Two

Earthday, 20 Ready’reat CY 595

Traveling to Greyhawk

Freeday, 21 Ready’reat CY 595

Traveling to Greyhawk, landing in the deep river valley where the City resides. The party spends the night with at a grove of druids, the Dawn Watchers, who have taken a vow of silence. Riddle still feels the need to stay outside. Long Fist exercises with his celestial hyaena. Marzena stares towards the City. There is a mammoth lightning storm to the north over the Nyr Div.

Starday, 22 Ready’reat CY 595

Riddle understands that he is on the cusp of bonding with the diadem and must stay out of doors or he will break it, so the party waits to continue to Greyhawk.

Moonday, 23 Ready’reat CY 595

The party wakes to find Riddle in a trance. With Kullen’s greataxe Facecleaver in his hands, he walks a in a 20’ wide circle, chanting phrases over and over in a language the rest of them don’t understand, until he finally raises the axe and is struck by lightning. When he comes to, he has changed – taller, more muscular, paler, almost blue. And the diadem is awake.

The ritual complete, the party moves on to Greyhawk, in the guise of poor peasants, with Fury carrying all of their valuables. They wait on line for hours and finally make it through without having to bribe anyway, but are noted (particularly Tyrrell) by priests of St. Cuthbert patrolling the entrance area and fondling their holy symbols.

The party proceeds to Eligos Manzorian’s house and are nearly turned away by the butler, Pollard. Eventually the party makes it through only to find he has little interest in helping Marzena and hasn’t read any of the letters Allustan sent regarding their earlier exploits. He casts detect thoughts on Marzena so he can figure out what she wants him to do about her plight, and eventually agrees to send her to Magepoint. He then attempts to dismiss the party without any further aid and Tyrrell makes a big, intimidating speech about the end of the world and people not wanting to help as if Eligos isn’t even there. Eligos seems to prefer this tactic to begging for help, so after grilling the party for more details (specifically things they did not tell Allustan), Eligos says he will look over the letters and see the party again in one week (the 3rd of Sunsebb).

The party secures rooms for a week at the Crooked House, in the neighborhood known as Midnight’s Muddle, making the acquaintance of Tarquin Shortstone XXIV. They note posters for the Champions Games coming upon the 12th of Sunsebb. They learn a bit about Loris Raknian, manager of the Games, and sneak a peak at Mayor Neff’s Letter of Introduction before heading back out to try to get an appointment with Foreign Minister Webb.

Moonday, 24 Ready’reat CY 595

Shopping, errands, and information gathering regarding getting an appointment with Ermaldon Webb. Riddle’s divination (“The soldier battles alone; the guardian’s weakness is his weakness; lash the tongue; flail not the sword; the written word will seal the deal”) gives the party some cryptic advice, but the party at least determines that Archie should go in by himself. Webb’s appointment secretary is a total prick but Archie manages to get an appointment for 9 am on the 27th and is instructed not to miss it. He promises not to and the party returns to the inn.

That evening the party receives word from that a package has arrived for them and they go down to the common room to check it out. Shortstone XXIV is on the bar with a large flat square package wrapped in brown paper. He says, “Your commission has arrived,” and tears open the package. The party gets a only a slimpse of the painting before it erupts and the room fills with two 15’ squelchy creatures with 8 tentacles each. The tentacled horrors manage to kill all the patrons and nearly Tarquin and Archie before they basically annihilate themselves through Riddle’s mark of doom. After some quick healing and discussion with the owner, they go outside in search of the fop and the crudely dressed man who dropped off the package 15 to 20 minutes before they came downstairs, and Archie quickly picks up the trail.


Unless I’m mistaken, this sesssion marks the first use of the term “squelchy.”

Session Twenty-Two

Ah, but where is the first “schlorking”?

Session Twenty-Two
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