The Age of Worms

Session Twenty-Six

Freeday, 28 Ready’reat CY 595 (continued)

Scar-Eater takes a terrible blow from the fake- Gauthfellow and nearly dies but is rescued by Jane’s helping hand to get back in the fight. A series of attacks on the wolf drop it, and Tyrrell is able to perform a coup de grace on it soon after, while Jane pelts the painted servants with fire spells, but the rogue Gauthfellow escapes into the house before they can finish him.

They move down the trap door below the pantry and quickly re-engage the rogue Gauthfellow when Tyrrell stabs him through a curtain, followed up with a wand of clumsinessm but the creature spells his own doom when he fails to attack Jane and then tumbles clumsily away, with both Jane and Long Fist attacking when he attempts it. Long Fist’s powerful blow ends him, but by then they are engaged in a fight with a shadowy elf that drains their very personalities. A couple of magic arrows later, however, Archie kills the shadow creature.

After destroying all of the paintings in Imron’s gallery, they move on, only to set off the very trap they had been warned about, animating ten suits of armor, cutting Archie and Riddle off from the rest of the group for several rounds, as well as cutting off the escape route past the armory. After a very long, resource-draining fight, including a second faux-Gauthfellow (this one a brute), that sees both Jane and Long Fist falling unconscious, the party has to take a few minutes to re-group.


JaneFury JaneFury

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