The Age of Worms

Session Twenty-Seven

Freeday, 28 Ready’reat CY 595 (continued)

Faced with a stone slab blocking them off from the rest of the basement after the incredibly long fight, Archie plumbs previously unknown depths of strength and raises the slab himself. They move on to a dusty storage chamber, where Tyrrell discovers a lever that opens a secret door. When they enter the room, they find the real Gauthfellow, and his Shield Guardian.

A full-on blowout ensues, with both sides throwing everything they’ve got at each other, including Gauthfellow’s anti-magic field and acid fog. The Shield Guardian is incredibly tough but is eventually rendered useless due to excessive battering, and soon after Gauthfellow goes down as well after a massive blow from Long Fist. The party strips him of everything and ties him up for questioning, as Riddle heals the party up to half their strength.

Long Fist casts protection from evil before the party revives Gauthfellow for questioning. Gauthfellow reveals that he was ordered to kill the party by his master, the mind flayer Zryxog, who has been dominating him for over a month. He also reveals that they can find an homage to Tharivol in his studio upstairs. He claims he has not been acting of his own free will (though it is obvious by the choice of targets that he was at least partially doing so), and that the domination effect renews every week. Since they cannot permanently suppress and because Gauthfellow has used his power against his own enemies, the party kills him.

After a great deal of discussion, the party decides to leave the house but to rest in the yard before searching the rest of the house.

Sunsebb CY 595

Starday, 1 Sunsebb CY 595

In the front hall, they find a ledger cursed with a sepia snake sigil. The massive great hall is filled with masterwork weapons and armor. In the dining room they find a crystal figurine that obeys commands. In the servants’ quarters, they find a note in Archerus’ handwriting that says, “Your last sketch was lacking.” Upstairs, one painted servant remains, which is easily dispatched. They also find a note in Imron’s bedroom, written in a bizarre, coiled alien hand, reading, “I have a task for you, thrall. Meet me at the sewer junction beneath the Cold Forge. I will give you the details. There are some troublesome small minds that need to be removed.”

They also find a tiny, life-like replica of a four-poster bed that expands with a command word. The replica fits nicely in their handy haversack. In the studio, they see the painting of Tharivol’s fate – the poor servant is covered in wasps. In a secret panel in the floor that find magical pigments and an animator brush.


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