The Age of Worms

Session Twenty-Nine

Starday, 1 Sunsebb CY 595 (continued)

Riddle moves the sensor into the area behind the doors bearing the sigil of a big pulsing brain and sees four stone benches and prisoners with wrist shackles on them, guarded by zombies. Riddle dimension doors himself, Long Fist, and Tyrrell into the hall beyond the drow cavern where Long Fist uses his blinding shield and Tyrrell charges the drow. Meanwhile, Scar-Eater dimension hops into the cavern and Athena flies Archie to the ledge. Soon into the fight, the drow leader does something that causes tentacles to burst out of the faces of all the other drow and the party is suddenly facing six mind flayers, but the party quickly realizes that they turn back into drow when they die. Tyrrell destroys the leader with an attack after Archie distracts her. The battle is over barely before it begins.

The party moves into the prisoners’ area where Long Fist turns the zombies to dust. A young teenage girl named Jesalyn tells them the mind flayer has been feeding off of them for weeks. The party sends the prisoners back a ways to wait for them and be escorted out of the sewers.

The party moves down the hall and engages in a brief fight with three nasty octopins.

Jane stone shapes a door off its hinges revealing a big brain stature that deals damage to their Wisdom whether they save or not. Moving through that room they find a lab and Riddle shatters an enormous tank, releasing a bigger octopin than the other three. They dispatch it quickly despite its attempts to slow and stagger and generally beat them to death.

Eventually they make their way to a small round chamber with a pool at the center. The pool allows them to visualize other areas of the complex. The hall continues past the pool and opens into something unseen so Tyrrell uses the pool to visualize that area. It is a massive white stone chamber 80 feet tall. The hallway they are in is about 45 feet up in one wall of the chamber. Within the chamber there is a huge jet black column of stone from floor to ceiling, with sludgy green liquid schlorking down it into an enormous placid green pool below. There is something written all over the black column with references to sheltering the infants, caring for the young, and nurturing new generations of spawn. Scar-Eater can determine that the writing, interspersed with alien sigils, are keyed to generate an unhallow effect, with a resist fire spell tied to it. Two more octopins are stuck to the wall above the entryway to the hallway the party is in. Beyond an entryway across the chamber, another room shaped like the brain room with large glass cases filled with dark artifacts. There is another door behind the pillar, and visualizing beyond that door reveals a private chamber with a desk, two shelves of books, and a chest.


JaneFury JaneFury

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