The Age of Worms

Session Thirty

Starday, 1 Sunsebb CY 595 (continued)

Looking into the pool of the grand chamber using the scrying pool in the hallway, the party sees thousands of little tadpole things with sucker mouths and four tentacles each. The party suspects they are looking at baby mind flayers. Suddenly a voice says in Long Fist’s head, “Observe the entrance to my lair, Protector of the Innocents. My only regret is that I did not make them suffer as I will make you suffer.” Visualizing the entrance, they see the two elven prisoners they tried to save, their heads ripped open. Archie’s knowledge of dungeons tells him that to talk to Long Fist, the mind flayer must be within 100 feet and have a line of effect on him. The party shifts position, preparing for the fight, and Archie moves to the entrance of the hallway, just as Zyrxog himself materializes right in front of him.

Scar-Eater blasts it with a scorching ray as the mind flayer begins casting a spell. Enormous tentacles lash out at everyone in the hallway. Hyaeliotrope, Jane, Tyrrell, and Riddle are all grappled. The octopins move into the hallway and join the fray. Archie risks and avoids their gaze attacks to fire at one of the octopins, but draws brutal blow himself. Long Fist makes a beautiful jump down the hallway but misses with his lunge attack. Jane shifts into Bast to muscle her way out of the grapple, but the mind flayer manages to catch her as she escapes, though he fails to re-engage his grapple attack. Tyrrell frees himself and draws his wand of cat’s grace. Riddle dimension hops himself out of the way and places a mark of doom on Zyrxog. Scar-Eater disappears from view to escape the hallway as the tentacles continue to crush Hyaeliotrope and grapple Archie. Zyrxog blasts Bast with a lightning bolt and she cannot dodge in time to spare any of the damage and she is staggered. Long Fist dismisses Hyaeliotrope and delivers a strong blow to the mind flyer, but its skin is hardened in some way to protect itself. Jane shifts back into her human form to draw her wand of cure moderate wounds. Tyrrell fails to make his wand work and moves closer to Archie. Riddle bursts into flames and moves into the range of the mind flayer. Scar-Eater hits Zyrxog with another massive blow but not a lot of damage seems to be getting through. Suddenly the mind flayer teleports into the chamber as the octopins go to town on Archie. Archie manages to get out of the way long enough for Long Fist to heal him up a bit.

The door behind Riddle opens with an otherworldly freakish screaming. Both Riddle and Scar-Eater save against whatever effect it brings with him, and Riddle’s partial resistance to sneak attacks helps with the crossbow bolt now sticking out of his side. They are staring at a scowling, paunch-bellied drow thrall with a spectacular chain shirt and a buckler. Jane is busy healing herself while Tyrrell finally manages to use his wand, and Riddle charges the drow and misses. Scar-Eater dimension hops into a flanking position and trips the drow. Meanwhile, Zyrxog grapples Archie and Tyrrell. The octopins squelch in and attack Tyrrell, Archie, and Long Fist. Archie gets away but draws another lightning bolt from the mind flayer clips him for serious damage. Long Fist breathes fire on one of the octopins. The drow thrall, still prone and surrounded, tries to disarm Riddle from the ground. Jane brings a flame strike down on both octopins and kills one of them. Riddle commands the drow to “Halt!”, effectively stunning it. Scar-Eater smashes it with shocking grasp but fails to overcome the drow’s spell resistance.

Zyrxog pelts Long Fist with several magic missiles as the remaining octopin hits Tyrrell. Archie peppers the mind flayer with arrows, plugging away at its resistance. Long Fist breathes another gout of flame on the octopin and destroys it. He quickly heals himself. Tyrrell draws a potion and drinks it, and Riddle and Scar-Eater continue beating at the effectively-stunned, prone drow on the floor. Zyrxog’s tentacles flail out without hitting anyone, but his mind blast stuns Tyrrell, who drops everything and stands, vulnerable, in the hall. Archie and Long Fist deal the mind flyer a bit more fire damage, and the drow disarms Riddle from the ground. Jane shifts to Athena and puts herself between Zyrxog and the stunned Tyrrell. Riddle grapples the drow as Scar-Eater swings wildly at it twice, missing both times. Zyrxog blasts Athena with five more magic missiles and tries to grapple Tyrrell, but fails. Archie slays the drow with his first arrow and nails the mind flayer with the other two, distracting it from Long Fist’s subsequent attack, giving Athena time to carry Tyrrell out of harm’s way. With their target dead, Riddle dimension hops himself and Scar-Eater to the middle of the hallway, hitting the mind flayer with electricity damage that simply crackles off of it. Scar-Eater risks a grappling attack to get underneath Zyrxog and hits it with a blow that finally breaks through its stoneskin. The mind flayer disappears.

The party takes a moment to heal and boost itself before Zyrxog’s next attack. Tyrrell asks Scar-Eater to collect the things he dropped before searching the dead drow. Athena flies Long Fist down into the chamber, where he promptly and inexplicably throws his gaseous form potion into the pool of mind flayer tadpoles. Riddle tells the others still in the hallway that the mind flayer is in his study, and dimension doors himself and Scar-Eater into that room. Scar-Eater gets one attack off before Zyrxog dimension doors himself into the chamber where Archie has his bow trained, and where Jane shifts into her Bast form and charges the aberration with everything she has, tearing it in half.

In the study, the party finds that Zyrxog has been doing all sorts of things for hire such as assassinations and procurement of items. There is a list of over a dozen thralls who have been working for him for months. There is also a list of recent business transactions, including two deals with Loris Raknian: 1) “the assassination of the younglings from Diamond Lake”, and 2) the purchase of an ancient relic called the Apostolic Scrolls. The party loots everything they can.


EXPLICABLE, in fact, in that I didn’t know it wouldn’t do anything to the tadpoles. I mean, cut me some freaking slack. sihg I guess playing for three years together still doesn’t affect my newbie status.

Session Thirty

Oh, LF…t this point it’s just a “thing”. It was funny, but mostly it was endearing. We’ve all done it, just, you know, not in front of you. :)

Thanks for sticking with us despite merciless teasing, and thank you, especially, for being the only one able to adequately effect either Big Thing we fought last night.

Session Thirty


How long will it take Scar Eater to get on the bus, d’ya think?

Session Thirty

He’ll get here. He had a bit of a hell week last week, but if he doesn’t login soon I’ll give him a call to see if he just missed the email or hasn’t had time or what.

Session Thirty
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