The Age of Worms

Session Thirty-Two

Godsday, 4 Sunsebb CY 595

The party sends to Allustan the news of Illthain roaming the skies over Diamond Lake, to which the wizard replies, “Terrible news. I shall investigate. Remain vigilant.”

The party spends the rest of the day shopping and makes an appointment to meet with Ekaym Smallcask at The Palace on the morning of the following day.

Waterday, 5 Sunsebb CY 595

The party goes into the meeting with Smallcask intending to be bold and make a display a power, per the divination from the day before. They are shown to a private dining room where they strike impressive poses, Jane in her large tiger form. A few minutes later a handsome fellow in his early forties enters with a lute strung over his shoulder. He seems a bit spacey, and upon seeing the party says “Wow.” He then informs them they are the ninth or tenth group he has seen for consideration for the Games. When he asks who they are, Tyrrell replies, “We are…the Infitics.” The interview sort of goes downhill from there, with no one in the party prepared to speak.

Soon, Smallcask’s partner enters. She is the same woman who accosted Tyrrell on the scene of Eligos’ murder investigation. She doesn’t seem to want Smallcask to introduce her, and asks if the party is willing to submit to a truth spell, which they are. She asks as string questions, mostly about Eligos’ murder, and answers a few herself, revealing that she knows Allustan and that she is dear friends with Tenser. Archie tells her of what happened to Marzena.

When the woman asks if they have any intention of hurting Smallcask, Jane reverts to her human form and explains what she saw in her scrying of Loris Raknian and that they believe Raknian had Captain Okoral murder Eligos, but that they don’t know why. Smallcask is not surprised, and at the conclusion of the interview, the woman tells him he is safe with us and vanishes. Smallcask offers the party the position, and asks their names. Tyrrell will only give his name if he gives us the woman’s name. “”/campaign/the-age-of-worms/wikis/celeste" class=“wiki-page-link”> Celeste," he says.

The party negotiates a 55/45 split of any winnings in the party’s favor, and Smallcask tells them to meet him in a lovely coffee shop on the corner at 5:00 pm on the 11th so they can enter the contestants dinner together.

Jane makes several scrying attempts that day with little luck. Auric and Allustan resist the spell and the attempt on Marzena results in a dark, foggy mass that might indicate she is within a private sanctum spell, which might further indicate that she is with Tenser in Magepoint.

Waterday, 5 Sunsebb – Moonday, 10 Sunsebb CY 595

The party hangs out in Greyhawk, waiting for the Games to begin and doing nothing of significance.

Godsday, 11 Sunsebb CY 595

The party signs the paperwork provided by Smallcask, calling themselves “”/campaign/the-age-of-worms/wikis/the-infidels" class=“wiki-page-link”> The Infidels“, and they proceed up the hill to the arena. It is surrounded by several outlying buildings and one private estate, belonging to Loris Raknian. The arena itself seats up to 18,000 spectators in 12 banks. Only one gate is open, and there are lots of people parading up the hill. The Infidels are met at the gate by ”/campaign/the-age-of-worms/wikis/talibur-wheelick" class=“wiki-page-link”> Talibur Wheelick, the Games’ referee, who makes it clear that his word there is law. Jane notes that Smallcask seems to be very good at making people underestimate him, but that he is actually a good deal sharper than he comes across.

All of the teams are seated around a big banquet table while they are announced. The crowd reactions are interesting and telling (only Smallcask applauds for the Infidels). Auric and Khelleck, of course, receive a tremendous welcome as Auric lays last year’s Champion’s Belt over the throne link chair.

As dinner begins, Auric’s Warband makes their way around, working the room. Jane watches Smallcask and notices that for all his chatting and appearance of light-heartedness, never really takes his focus off of Raknian. Much like Riddle, who pegged Raknian right away, and who noted that when Raknian noticed the party, a brief flicker of panic danced across his features before he clamped it down. He avoids giving them any attention or notice for the rest of the night.

Lots of people at the table are bookies, and they soon learn that pretty much everyone in Greyhawk, including the teams, gets in on the action. Tyrrell, pretending to be drunker than he actually is, approaches one of the bookies to find out the odds on the Infidels. Right now, the payout would be 5 to 1. Tyrrell places a bet with Deg Shannit, the bookie for 10 gold, and Scar-Eater places a party bet with Deg for 150 gold. Other than that, the party lays low for the first night. After the end-of-evening fireworks, the teams are taken one by one to a wooden platform at the end of the arena, and lowered down into the barracks.

Waterday, 12 Sunsebb CY 595

In the morning, the first round groupings are announced. The Infidels are scheduled to go up against Arcane Auriga (four female elves, outcasts from Celene for scandalous behavior, and lethal longbow experts), Badlands Revenge (three gnoll halberdiers led by a human barbarian and his dire badger companion), and Sapphire Squad (a swashbuckling janni named Korush and two human mercenaries, all mounted combat experts) at 10;00 am, the day’s second match. Arcane Auriga has been given the slight advantage because of how cool they look.

The fight begins with Arcane Auriga firing a bolt of acid at Badlands revenge, and Archie taking out Korush’s horse. The Infidels concentrate mostly on Sapphire Squad while Arcane Auriga works on Badlands. Korush attempts to disappear from the battlefield but Jane nails him with faerie fire. All told the fight doesn’t last particularly long, and it ends after a flame strike wipes out all of Arcane Auriga except its leader, Renita, who surrenders. Korush, who had been accidentally healed by one of Long Fist’s burst of positive energy, was in the middle of ethereal jaunt and the Infidels are declared the winner. Tyrrell wins 50 gold and the party wins 750 gold on their bet, as well as 1,100 gold from the day’s winnings (after the split with Smallcask).

The day’s other victorious teams include Auric’s Warband, Draconic Brood, Pitch Blade, the Sisters of Eiseth, and the Snow Leopards.


Flush with SOMEthing…

Session Thirty-Two
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