The Age of Worms

Session Forty-Eight

In Which Riddle and Scar-Eater Get All Wrath of Khan on Things

Starday, 7 Fireseek, CY 596 (continued)

The party enters the ziggurat at Kuluth-Mar through the western door at the base. With Tyrrell searching the way path ahead, they move through a long rectangular chamber with walls carved to show the destruction of a city under the direction of Kyuss. Across from the entrance are double doors leading into a vast cavernous chamber, littered with pillars in various states of destruction, and with means of egress through all of the other walls. The floor in this chamber is dark green stone, and in the center of the room is a thirty-foot-wide pit that is the epicenter of devastation in this room. As Tyrrell draws nearer to the pit he feels an oppressive weight or presence of something dark and malevolent settling upon him. He moves away from the pit and that dark discomfort. Tyrrell reports that it looks like something on the floor exploded and ripped a whole downward, and that the pit extends further down than he can see. Across the way from the entrance of this eighty-foot chamber is another short hallway ending in a door, and there are sets of double doors on either side, surrounded by crumbling stairways. Tyrrell scouts out the ceiling, finding the slight indentation from the explosion. The stairs lead up hollow vertical stone shafts, but much higher than he can see.

Tyrrell returns to the ground and investigates the doors to the south. As soon as the party enters this chamber, which appears to have once been a library, they are embroiled in a fight. Five new horrific undead being challenge them, but Tyrrell charges in with a devastating blow against one of the larger skeletons in green-sheened plate mail and carrying a massive greatsword. As expected, it is writhing with worms. This is a Sword of Kyuss. The other creatures, Wormcallers, are stooped, lacking a lower jaw, and have giant wormholes instead of faces. All of them use negative energy as attacks, healing themselves in the process. The Wormcallers try to hold their enemies and the Swords of Kyuss have acid dripping from their blades. It is a tough battle that leaves their resources drained, but eventually the walking dead are put down.

After a long debate, the party decides to barricade themselves sin this library to rest and recharge before moving on.

The library is extremely well-stocked from almost two thousand years ago, mostly with all things related to necromancy. They find one book opened to a diagram showing a rune-covered worm inside a human head, whispering words directly into the brain.

Scar-Eater inspects the room’s most intriguing element, twelve jars filled with rune-covered worms, like in the diagram. After some study he concludes that these worms are literal receptacles on knowledge. If one allowed them to work their way through the ear and directly into the brain – and more importantly, if one survived the process! – one could gain whatever knowledge the worms had to offer. There are three each of four different kinds of worms.

Riddle does not hesitate. Though the process of ingesting the four worms wreaks havoc on his mental prowess, Tyrrell’s wand of restoration sets things right and Riddle is filled with new knowledge of arcana, religion, the planes, and history. Encouraged, Scar-Eater ingests the worms providing knowledge of arcana and the planes.

The group spends the rest of the day researching in the library. All of the information in the library seems to lead up to but not beyond the point where Kyuss transcended to godhood. It seems that in the final months of his mortality, the ongoing ravaging of the population stopped…right up until he organized every living creature into a gathering for some great announcement. The party concludes that it was this mass sacrifice that secured his ascendancy.

The party spends the rest of the day researching the various creatures of Kyuss and preparing to move on.


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