The Age of Worms

Session Forty-Nine

In Which Two Impressive Battles are Fought in Quick Succession

Sunday, 8 Fireseek, CY 596

Rested and revitalized, the party ventures out of the dusty old library to the door opposite. Listening at the door Tyrrell hears what he can describe only as the gentle, unhurried beating of two enormous sets of wings, as well as a terrible faint roar of many tiny things rubbing up against each other that seems to come from the air itself. The party prepares themselves as best they can for whatever they might encounter within, and Tyrrell opens the door.

The walls of the room within writhe and glow green, and an array of instruments of torture populate the space, but there doesn’t immediately appear to be anything at which to fire.

Archie hears the faint beating of wings from the far corners of the room but before he can do anything with that information, a horrible, twisted, but clearly alive elven creature rushes from the corner of the room. Its eyes are tinged with madness, its ears misshapen and bent. It is armored in a fine ancient breastplate and carries an impressive greatsword. It summons a column of flame down on most of the party.

Long Fist sends Hyaeliotrope in to attack the creature but his celestial friend misses, so the half-ogre sweeps in himself and smites the awful creature with his fists. He catches the first glimpse of whatever is lurking near the ceiling – vaguely elven beings with charred, feathery wings and longswords for hands. One of these corrupted angels slams its two sword arms together and charges towards Long Fist as if it intends to actually pass through his body…which is in fact exactly what it does. Long Fist is killed instantly from the shock, and Hyaeliotrope disappears. Riddle is at the ready, however, using his alter fortune spell to give Long Fist another change to survive the attack, which he does. Riddle is staggered and Long Fist is left with a giant bloody hole right through him, but disaster, it seems, has been averted, and Hyaeliotrope is still around. The second corrupted angel immediately attempts the same attack, but misses. Long Fist is able to take a swing at the second offender, but fails to damage the awful creature.

Jane tries tossing a flaming sphere at the eladrin, but they have a resistance to fire and she barely damages it. Scar-Eater knows the creature on the ground was once a ghaele eladrin and they will need good cold iron weapons to overcome its defenses. It is also immune to electricity and has serviceable resistance to cold and fire, along with high spell resistance and other protections from good creatures and spells. The winged creatures were once sword archons which do exactly what the part has just witnessed. Scar-Eater moves into the room and is shaken by the eladrin’s aura of menace. Tyrrell moves in as well to flank the first angel and delivers a sturdy bleeding sneak attack. Riddle attempts to break enchantment on all three, but to no avail.

Archie moves into line of sight on the first angel and hits, but only the acid damage from his bow gets through. The eladrin responds but cutting Riddle, Jane, and Archie off from the others with a wall of stone. Inside, each angels smashes a glass wall, releasing swarms of green worms into the fray. They immediately envelop Long Fist, Hyaeliotrope, and Tyrrell. The worms’ poison drains Long Fist of his wits but Tyrrell manages to resist it.

Jane stone shapes a door into the wall of stone in time to see Scar Eater tumble into a flanking position on the eladrin with Long Fist. Scar-Eater pulls the eladrin to the ground and Long Fist goes to town on it. Tyrrell puts his evil eye on the eladrin as Riddle control winds the worm swarms away from the center of the room, plastering them against the walls.

Archie riddles the eladrin with arrows but it heals itself back to full strength immediately.

Long Fist activates his aura of justice on Tyrrell, Hyaeliotrope and Scar-Eater and attempts to smite the prone eladrin, but both he and his companion miss. The first angel tries to fly through Long Fist again but clumsily misses, while the second succeeds with Scar Eater, who summons all of his strength to survive the passage. Jane summons a stalagmite on the eladrin but it shrugs it off just in time for Scar-Eater to utterly destroy it. Tyrrell uses his smite attack on the first angel and wipes the floor with it. Riddle dismisses the remaining foe, and as soon as it pops out of existence, something happens.

The reality of the room itself wavers and fades, and all share a clear sense of looking through dimensions and through time itself. The room becomes a well-appointed torture chamber, and in the foreground appears k Kyuss himself, along with a six-armed insect-like creature the party identifies as a spellweaver (though this one appears to be of the lich variety). The alien lich presents jeweled gold box to Kyuss. Inside is a single green worm. Kyuss’ expression shifts from confusion to exultation.

Then of course, three vile, bloated worms with human heads slither out of the noxious chasm in the big room behind Riddle, Jane, and Archie. Archie hits one with an arrow and Jane flame strikes two of them, but all three blast Archie with negative energy, sapping the ranger of at least half his strength. Riddle summons a blade barrier around the pit. Tyrrell turns invisible and moves…somewhere. Long Fist delivers an awesome charging smite on one and, in addition to dealing a lot of damage, pushes it into Riddle’s blade barrier where it is ripped to pieces. Archie, terribly weakened by the first wave of attacks, moves into the room for safety as Jane unleashes a fire snake on the remaining worms, bloodying both. The worms retaliate, devastating Hyaeliotrope, wounding Jane severely, and blasting Long First with negative energy. Scar-Eater dimension hops one of the remaining worms into the blade barrier and Riddle graces everyone with the blessings of fervor. Tyrrell sneak attacks one of the remaining worms to death as Long Fist dismisses his celestial buddy. Jane transforms into Willow and charges the last worm into oblivion.

The party heals up and stows the eladrin’s +3 breastplate and +4 unholy greatsword into the haversack. They rest for the better part of an hour so Riddle can return to full form. Both Tyrrell and Athena fly up above the chasm to see if there are any alternatives up there, but there doesn’t appear to be. Riddle uses divination to help decide the next move. He is told that “there is more to be learned below, and powerful allies of your enemy to be destroyed.”
Riddle casts conviction on everyone, and everyone flies, one way or another, into the nauseating pit of rancid vapor. The walls are pockmarked with holes. Five hundred feet down, Long Fist stops everyone to warn them that below, the pit narrows into a ten-foot opening, and beneath, there is a perfectly flat surface of writhing green worms. Riddle casts fly on Athena so she can shift to Jane and put a flaming sphere through the opening. She destroys many with the spell but there appears to be no end to them. Riddle ties a rope around himself and gives the other end to Long Fist. He pokes his head through the opening to get an eye for the layout. The whole party passes through the hole, flying above the level of the floor, down a hallway to a door. Tyrrell listens, searches the door, and then opens it.

Beyond lies a chamber lined with the trappings of religious ceremony. There is a fountain of black marble and crystal water flowing into a pool. There are also three wormcallers.

Scar-Eater channels ray of exhaustion into his flail and moves towards the first one. He trips it, but its defenses are strong and he doesn’t do much damage. The wormcaller cannot be exhausted. The worm says to Scar-Eater, “You are thirsty. Drink.” But Scar-Eater does not drink. The second wormcaller says to Tyrrell, “You are thirsty. Drink.” But Tyrrell does not drink. The third wormcaller seriously insists that Tyrrell really is thirsty and he really should drink. But Tyrrell does not drink. The second and third uglies surround Scar-Eater. Tyrrell flanks the third and hits once.

Riddle casts disrupting weapon and moves into the room to release the spell into Scar-Eater’s flail. Long Fist flies in and channels positive energy on all three. Archie, back in full form now, kills the third and then the second in quick succession. Jane moves into the room just in time to see Scar-Eater disrupt the last wormcaller to dust.


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