The Age of Worms

Session Fifty-One

In Which the Party Learns How the Wormcallers Got Their Name…Kind of Obvious in Hindsight

Moonday, 9 Fireseek, CY 596

During Scar-Eater and Tyrrell’s watch, the party is attacked by three more Knights of Kyuss, who begin their attack by reducing Long Fist to uncontrollable tears. The first Knight manages to walk right into Tyrrell’s silvered sneak attack as it sunders the weeping half-ogre’s weapon. Some members of the party notice that the Knight’s shadow appears to be operating independently of the Knight itself. The second Knight actually becomes shadow when it draws fire from Archie. Archie takes one of the Knights out as Jane flame strikes the other two and pushes back one with a tidal surge. Riddle attacks the third Knight with his Staff of Life and Long Fist pulls himself together to weaken it with positive energy, but the Knight retaliates by sundering the Staff and attacking Riddle with its eye worms, causing serious damage to Riddle’s brain.

Archie takes out the third Knight, and the second manages to stagger Scar-Eater from the ground and eye-worm him for severe brain damage. Riddle surrounds the second Knight with a blade barrier that Long Fist forces it into. Scar-Eater dimension hops it in again to take it out.

Now invisible, Tyrrell investigates the large cavern that remains. It’s full of green worms, and there are two stone platforms with doors. Behind one pulses green light. Wormcallers crouch on either platform. Tyrrell tryies to sneak an invisible peek through the open door, but is struck by some invisible force that he cannot seem to defend against. When he returns to the party, he reeks somewhat of feces. He describes the room and the enemies within: the two wormcallers, the floor full of worms…and a spellweaver lich behind one of the doors. Awesome. The party formulates a plan to dimension door all but Archie and Jane onto the platform with the spellweaver door. Archie and Jane fly in separately. In the moment before the wormcaller is aware of what is happening, Archie pelts it with an arrow, Tyrrell sneak attacks it (twice, with Jane’s snake’s swiftness), Long Fist lays hands on it, and Scar-Eater finishes it off with a tripping scorching ray attack.

The other wormcaller retaliates with its own fiery column and sticks its hand into the water. Then a GIANT FREAKING OVERWORM COMES OUT OF THE WATER AND SWALLOWS JANE.

Archie finishes off the other wormcaller and still has enough shots to turn his attention to the overworm. Tyrrell jams the door keeping the spellweaver lich out of the fray and Jane transforms into Willow in an effort to stave off further damage from inside the worm. She needn’t worry, however, as Riddle manages to cast dimension door at a distance to teleport her out of the worm. The two of them are in a far hallway, though hardly out of danger. Long Fist cannot penetrate the worm’s thick skin with his spear, but Scar-Eater’s double scorching ray wreaks havoc with it, drawing its ire. The overworm bites and swallows Scar-Eater in revenge, but only until Riddle can rescue him as he rescued Jane a few moments earlier. The party relentlessly batters the worm with all they’ve got and soon overpowers it.

But there’s a still a spellweaver lich behind that door to deal with…


JaneFury JaneFury

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