The Age of Worms

Session Fifty-Two

In Which Jane and Tyrrell Watch This Awesome Movie Starring All of Their Friends and a Spellweaver Lich

Moonday, 9 Fireseek, CY 596

The surroundings waver and fade. The party sees the empty streets of Kuluth-Mar. Foul energy wells from the spire, sweeping outwards and claiming the living. There is a silent, potent wrongness as souls are drawn from corpses and absorbed into the black stone. A colossal humanoid figure made of worms takes form around the spire in a pose of triumph…that turns to rage as the figure shrinks, pulled into the stone in a horrific wet burst of implosion. All the bodies rise from death as the vision fades.

Once the party is healed up, Riddle dimension doors himself, Long Fist, Scar-Eater and Archie into the room beyond the locked door, with the spellweaver lich. For a moment all are disconcerted by the opulent, utterly alien chamber and the horrific horribleness of the lich himself. In the hallway, Tyrrell attempts to open the door he previously jammed shut to keep the spellweaver out of the previous battle.

In the room, the spellweaver raises its head, silently. It cocks its head at the four who just appeared in its midst. Perhaps judging them no serious threat, it returns to its reading.

Archie launches into combat with a volley of arrows that gets the enemy’s attention. Long Fist gives the party his aura of justice and slams the lich with his fists, bloodying the thing and sending its screams into all of their heads. The enemy lashes out and all struggle to fend off the bowel-loosening fear of its very presence, but that is only its opening gambit. It lashes out with a black ray on Long Fist that drains the half-ogre of his strength. It casts a second spell which Scar-Eater recognizes as a wall of force. Riddle dispels the ray of enfeeblement disabling Long Fist. His spiritual weapons cannot penetrate the wall. Tyrrell and Jane enter the room, just barely staving off the lich’s aura.

Archie, knowing his arrows cannot penetrate the wall, waits for an opportunity to act. Long Fist tries to charge the creature and to channel positive energy, but the wall prevents both. The lich drinks a potion while it’s safe. Scar-Eater takes a moment to gauge the position of the invisible barrier before dimension hopping behind it and turning invisible.

Following Scar-Eater’s clever lead, Riddle dimension hops himself, Long Fist and Archie behind the barrier and it’s only a matter of seconds before Archie, armed with the aura of justice and undead bane arrows, destroys the spellweaver lich.

The party quickly collects anything magical from the corpse and are just beginning to poke around the room when the shaking begins. They all feel a deep, thundering crack in the earth miles below and hear a thunderous roar from above. But for one final vision, it appears to be time to get out. They hear a hundred different voices, in a hundred different languages, whispering of the Age of Worms. They see manifestations of prophecy coming true as if they were gods. There is a horrific green light and the corpse of the spellweaver lich melts.

Riddle teleports the group in two trips to get them all to safety before all of the spire collapses upon them, and Tyrrell gets them all to Magepoint with the scroll of greater teleport.

Godsday, 10 Fireseek, CY 596

After a night’s rest, the party goes shopping and then acts like real grown-ups by storing over a thousand gold in the bank at Magepoint (along with the shards of the Staff of Life.) Then there is little left to do but report back to Tenser with all they have learned.


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