The Age of Worms

Session Fifty-Six

In Which the One Who Got Them Into This Fight is the First to Check Out of it

Freeday, 13 Fireseek, CY 596, continued (presumably)

When last we left our intrepid band, Tyrrell had just taunted the most dangerous foe they’ve encountered into attacking them. At seventy feet tall and backed by six flying gargoyles with composite longbows, the bloodthirsty maniac seems poised to send them all back home the hard way.

Still riding high from his recent very-effective battle contribution, Tyrrell taps himself with his wand to turn invisible and attempts to sneak into a superior tactical position. Archie fires an acid-laden arrow directly into Krathanos’s eye from around the corner of his hiding place, and another one not far behind just before he scrambles up the wall of the keep. The burning arrow in his eye draws the angry titan towards Archie through Scar-Eater, Long Fist and Riddle (whose attacks unfortunately miss despite the titan being enormous and totally vulnerable to them). As the titan swipes his hand, a disembodied spectral hand grabs Archie on the wall. The gargoyles pepper Jane, Riddle, and Long Fist with arrows.

Grasping the prayer beads around her neck, Jane shines with swelled power and summons a column of holy fire down upon the titan and one of the gargoyles before shifting into Wolf form and getting the heck out of dodge. Long Fist steps in to smite evil on Krathanos and prepares to release his powerful aura of justice. Meanwhile, Riddle wracks his brain for any hidden memory that might help him defeat the titan and something, somewhere, clicks. He gives his blessings of fervor to those closest: Scar-Eater, Long Fist, and Tyrrell. Riddle swiftly summons an ice strike but it falls to respond against the enormous enemy’s resistance to magic. Scar-Eater takes a step and channels enervation into his blade, enough for one hit to suck a little life out of this monstrous psychopath.

Tyrrell taps himself with his other wand and moves closer to Long Fist, drawing his sword of subtlety from the scabbard of keen edges. As he does, as if he weren’t even invisible, Krathanos bashes him with the Warhammer on the way towards Scar-Eater. Some wild, titanic gesticulations later, the duskblade…disappears. Archie wrestles against the spectral hand grappling him to no avail.

The gargoyles unleash another volley of arrows and Fury takes one in the flank just before she shifts back to her human shape and drops an empowered flame strike in retaliation on two of them. Long Fist lands two blows on the titan and then swiftly lays hands on himself. Summoning the power of the ring of the wind dukes, Riddle transforms into a sixty-foot line of lightning, plowing through the titan for some damage. He tries again to call an ice strike and fails. Scar-Eater reappears on the battlefield, just where he left it.

Despite his massive wounds, Tyrrell delivers a strong series of blows to the titan, who appears to heal before his eyes as it turns and casually shatters both Tyrrell’s sword and his body. Long Fist pounds the titan in retaliation as Archie frees himself of the crushing hand and scurries up the wall. Long Fist takes two arrows from the gargoyles for his trouble, and Archie and Jane take others. Jane summons a swirl of ice and snow to bloody two of the gargoyles. Long Fist, after laying hands upon himself and boosting his power with divine vigor, drags Tyrrell’s broken corpse out of the fray and potential further desecration. Riddle watches in despair as their fallen comrade is dragged out of even the extended range of his breath of life, and turns his frustration into a powerful spell upon Krathanos. The titan is spectacularly and particularly unprepared for it and is permanently cursed by the mysterious gods whom Riddle serves.

The titan stands helpless as Scar-Eater moves in and unleashes a rolling mass of biting, chewing insects upon his flesh. Archie pelts him with more acid arrows while fending off attacks from a pair gargoyles. The rest of them target Jane and Riddle, who drops to the ground, bleeding out. Jane heals herself, moves closer to the action and throws scouring winds at one of the gargoyles. Long Fist heals himself and Jane before charging the titan full on for a solid blow. Riddle attempts to stabilize himself but can’t quite manage it. Scar-Eater continues his insectile attack on Krathanos and then runs over to force-feed a potion of healing to a grateful Riddle.

Archie delivers a death blow to one of the gargoyles with a focused barrage as Krathanos recovers a bit and watches the battle carry on without his participation. The five remaining gargoyles pummel the party with not-insignificant attacks as they dodge Jane’s sandstorm. She continues moving closer to Long Fist and heals them both. Long Fist delivers blow after blow against the cursed foe and Riddle gives his cold ice strike one more go with no luck. For all his offensive helplessness, the party is having trouble penetrating Krathanos’s defenses.

Archie takes out another gargoyle just as the titan manages to momentarily break the curse’s bonds long enough to crack Scar-Eater and Long Fist with a pair of blows with his Warhammer, but the gargoyles, down two of their number, seem to feel the fight is no longer weighted in their favor. They take to the sky to watch the titan take Jane’s fire snake, Long Fist’s punches, and finally, Riddle’s insanely powerful death blow to the foot with his axiomatic sword. Unwilling to carry on the titan’s fight, the gargoyles take off up the coast and leave our heroes wondering just what in the name of Heironeous they are going to do with the gigantic, 480-pound belt they came here to recover.


Excellent, KT!

Session Fifty-Six
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