The Age of Worms

Session Sixty

In Which There is a Jurassic Park Interlude Before the Real Terror Begins

Sunday, 15 Fireseek, CY 596 (AFAIFK, seriously, still.)

With the party at least somewhat restored after the last bit of chaos, Riddle performs some divinations and sendings to Archie in order to gain some information and guidance on their next steps. It is not long before they piece together that every time someone travels to and from this place to the Material Plane, time accelerates on Tilagos. Which means Archie will age exponentially the longer the party remains.

It is currently morning, and once it is determined that the party will continue to try to complete the trials, they need to act fast. Jane casts find the path to the Thorn Vale and they rush off in that direction, knowing they will arrive fatigued, but unwilling to spend one more second longer in this place than necessary.

The island, of course, has other plans.

They are still about two hours from the Vale when they stumbled into a tyrannosaurus hunting ground. They spot the eighty-foot-long dinosaur slightly before it spots them. Jane acts quickly, beginning to cast dominate animal, but it does also, biting Long Fist and snatching him up in its giant maw. Long Fist desperately attempts to heal himself and then punch the tyrannosaur in the face. Tyrrell turns himself invisible and uses his lightning sword to fly up sixty feet in the air. Scar-Eater moves closer, channels scorching ray into his flail and trips the great beast, dodging its attacks and walloping it with acres of damage before turning invisible himself. Riddle does his best to aid Long Fist in escaping the tyrannosaur’s mouth, but with no luck.

Jane completes casting but the spell fizzles worthlessly and she shifts to her Bast tiger form, and misses with her bite as well. Meanwhile the dinosaur swallows Long Fist.

Tyrrell attacks from the sky and the animal begins bleeding profusely. Scar-Eater unloads everything he has, pounding it for hit after hit and scorching ray after ray until it does. They hastily cut Long Fist from the tyrannosaur’s stomach and revive him.

Two hours later they have made their way through the high rugged hills to a horrifyingly steep valley filled with an underbrush of thorns like iron swords. Across the valley, they see a gigantic cave mouth spilling huge plumes of thick black smoke. “More like steam than smoke,” Jane says grimly. “Probably more like an underground body of water heated by…magma. It’s like…ashy steam.” Mmmm!

There is lots of healing and Riddle casts fly on himself, Long Fist, and Scar-Eater, then shunts all of the steam away from them for eighty feet as they approach the lop of the cave. There is a giant gaping pit in the middle of the cave. Tyrrell stealthily scouts ahead and reports back a second pit deeper into the cave. They move ahead very slowly and carefully and aren’t more than sixty feet in when it becomes clear to Jane that there is something enormous moving on the far side of steam. She is about to shift from her Athena eagle form to her Tempest Fire form when an enormous roar from within the cave accompanies a humongous jetting plume of liquid magma, but she and Scar-Eater can’t avoid the brunt of it. Long Fist manages to avoid some but all of them watch in horror as the lava dissolves and warps the stone around them.

The Thorn Vale Terror moves through the air with eerie silence considering it is about one-hundred-and-twenty feet long and has earth and stone tumbling from its hide. It is all talons and trident tails and, well…terror. It bites at Scar-Eater but Jane sacrifices one of her prepared spell to change the fate of the previous moment. Riddle casts a communal protection from fire on everyone, followed by a quickened cold strike, making it very, very angry. Long Fist smites it, missing with one blow but solidly landing a second. Tyrrell turns invisible and tries to move but it becomes painfully obvious it can still see him when it swipes at him and infects him with a hideous flame poison.

Jane reverts to human form, gets out of the way and uses her prayer beads to boost her spellcasting power. Scar-Eater pelts it with a ray of exhaustion, seriously draining its battle prowess. It lashes out at Long Fist and Tyrrell but is too exhausted to aim well. Until of course Riddle flies overhead and tries to attack it with the Blade of Bitter Winds, when it aims perfectly and infects Riddle with the flame poison as well. Riddle hits, but it resists being dazed, which is really just too bad.

Long Fist heals himself and Tyrrell but draws an attack and becomes infected. Tyrrell’s blood fights off more damage, for now, feints and tumbles closer. Jane hits it with an ice storm, and Scar-Eater follows that with an enervation.

It seems to heal itself some before biting Riddle and missing Long First and Tyrrell with other attacks. Riddle responds by shrugging off the effects of the poison entirely and bloodying the Terror with the Blade of Bitter Winds. Long Fist follows suit and pummels it with his fists, and Tyrrell finishes it off with one devastating blow.

The party focusing on helping Tyrrell fight off the poison before looting the dead bodies in the cave and formulating a plan to finish the trials – today.


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