The Age of Worms

Session Sixty-Three

In Which we Catch Up with Archie and Plan Our Next Move, Only to Find Ourselves Smack Dab in the Middle of an Enormous Giant/Dragon Battle. Yay.

Starday, 8 Reaping – Waterday, 12 Reaping, CY 601

The party returns to Magepoint to sell, shop and plan their next course of action.

Waterday, 12 Reaping, CY 601

Archie continues to fill the rest of the party in on all he has learned about Kongen-Thulnir during their five-year absence from the Material Plane. There is a palace, a fortress, a tower, and an undercity of slaves. There is a mass of wire cables in the air – in other words, anti-dragon measures. He tells them of the Citadel of Weeping Dragons, suspended on a giant promontory. This is the place where the Order of the Storm commissioned giants to protect the phylactery of Dragotha in their vault. It is four-hundred-and-fifty miles from Magepoint. The discussion raises many questions about the phylactery, how to recognize it, how to destroy it, and even whether to destroy it.

Riddle offers to use his divination magic to seek answers from the Seven, though apparently the last time he did, there was some anger from the Seven, and some new, clear differentiation between the voices in response. He directs his questions to Itifaar: ”Where is the best place for us to appear in Kongen-Thulnir for the greatest chance of success in locating Dragotha’s phylactery?”

The response comes not in its usual chorus, but in separate voices:

Itifaar: Begin where you know it to be held
Itifaar: Those with rank live higher in the keep
Faruq: Learn the means of passage before you proceed

Riddle moves on to a more traditional commune with Itifaar:

  • Have we met Dragotha personally?
  • Does Dragotha know who we are?
  • Is Dragotha searching for us now?
  • Could Dragotha’s phylactery be found without utilizing our personal knowledge of its location gained when we went to the Library?
    Likely only by something with a personal connection to it and centuries with which to accumulate resources.
  • Is Dragotha the only something that could find the phylactery in that way?
    Likely so.
  • Is Darl looking for us?
  • Is it in our best interest to destroy the phylactery?
    That depends on your goals.
  • If our goal is to save the world, is it in our best interest to destroy the phylactery?
    …there is no response.
  • If we find it, do we possess the means to destroy the phylactery?
  • Is Dragotha’s phylactery in the Citadel of Weeping Dragons in Kongen-Thulnir?
    …there is no response.
  • Are you unable to answer because Dragotha’s phylactery is hidden from your powers?
  • Is it in the top half of the Citadel?
  • Is it in the bottom quarter?
    …there is no response.
  • Is it below ground of the Citadel?
    …there is no response.
  • Will Ahlissa the Mystery ever open herself to change or will she choose to die off from this world?

That last one was a tricky question, to be fair.

The party teleports to a spot about halfway up the Citadel of Weeping Dragons. They arrive in a city in the midst of one of the most massive sieges in history. Kongen-Thulnir is being attacked by an army of dragons. There are dragons draped across the cables strung above the canyon. A entire cliff wall has collapsed. There are piles of dead giants. There is a colossal red dragon, six large black dragons, and six large green dragons making strafing runs around the tower while the bulk of the dragon army is focused on a single objective. The giants are catapulting carrion crawler heads in an effort to paralyze dragons in mid-air.

Scar-Eater recognizes the colossal red dragon as Brazzemal the Burning, who was once allied with the giant armies of King Snyr to raise Stericj. Scar-Eater also recognizes Xyzanth from the Griff Mountains, a Fang dragon, and an unamed Umbral dragon from the Plane of Shadow.

Scar-Eater is wondering why nothing is ever from the Plane of Hugs when Jane senses, perched above the party atop a tower sixty feet overhead, something massive. And invisible. She warns as many of her comrades as possible.

Tyrrell turns invisible and creates a shadow clone of himself that Archie apparently calls Nigel. He draws his sword of subtlety just as the enormous red-and-green-runed dragon appears overhead and bathes them all in a roaring bath of acid. Riddle and Scar-Eater take the worst of it and the dragon flies up even higher. Archie pelts the dragon with four dragonbane arrows, pissing her off mightily. Long Claw bestows his aura of justice on the party and Riddle protects them all from further acid damage. Scar-Eater recognizes this dragon as Necrozyte, a fiendish green dragon who was once in service to Tiamat before being exiled to the Material Plane where she hooked up with Dragotha. Jane tries to use her prayer beads to holy smite the dragon but is unable to penetrate her resistance.

Tyrrell bounds to the top of the pillar, where he is able to get a good invisible whack in on Necrozyte as she dive bombs the party and grabs Archie. She is unable to frighten anyone with her presence. Although it is precisely the sort of act that will make her drop him, Archie launches a full melee assault on her with his dragonbane arrows, dealing another basket of damage. Long Claw and Jane, now transformed into Athena, fly out in pursuit of her, hoping one of them might catch Archie when she inevitably drops him. Everyone prepares for their next attack as Necrozyte soars another one hundred and fifty feet away from them before she lets go of the ranger. Long Claw deftly catches him as Riddle teleports most of the party right to the doors they mean to use to enter the Citadel and then sends up a wall of ectoplasm to delay Necrozyte’s pursuit. Both Scar-Eater and Tempest fail to bash in the doors before Tyrrell calmly picks the lock.


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