The Age of Worms

Session Eleven

Godsday, 4 Ready’reat CY 595 (continued)

The party traces some escaped Kenku to a secret door near the end of the maze and follows them through after collecting loot. At 9 am, Tyrrell opens the secret door into a wash of sickly green light. Long Fist recognizes this as a holy site of Vecna, left with an imprint of the Maimed God’s presence. The party hears low-tone chanting. Long Fist kills the Kenku who got away before the party is spotted.

The party interrupts some kind of ritual with two humans in black robes at an altar. There is also a 6’ wide, 5’ tall free-floating glob of magical eldritch energy, which attacks Tyrrell. The walls are strange green rock with purple veins writhing inside. The columns look like stalks of human hands covered in tar. A battle ensues, eventually resulting in the death of the Faceless One, whose corpse turns to snow, revealing it to be a mere simulacrum of the true creature.

They discover the bodies of Amariss and the missing priest of Heironeous, Tormin Arsylis, along with their holy symbols and equipment. There is much loot collecting and identifying, including a cypher that allows the party to read a letter from the Faceless One to Theldrick. Upon decoding the letter, the party is horrified to learn that by killing two of the three head priests of the Cult of the Ebon Triad, they may have unwittingly raised the Ebon Aspect themselves. A noticable rumbling in the ground seems to confirm this fact, and the party rushes back out into the Black Cathedral to fight what they have raised. After some unfortunate blows, they realize their usual fighting style will do nothing against this thing, and scramble to think of another plan on the fly.

Session Ten
In Which the Site Administrator Wonders Why So Few Notes?

Moonday, 3 Ready’reat CY 595 (continued)

Two cultist prisoners are questioned and the party recuperates.

Godsday, 4 Ready’reat CY 595

The party moves into the Temple of Vecna and fights several spellthief Kenku.

Session Nine
In Which Jane is Present but There are Still Very Few Notes

Moonday, 3 Ready’reat CY 595 (continued)

The fight finally ends! The party loots the temple of Hextor and takes three cultists prisoner. They find a Staff of Life which Riddle uses to raise Long Fist and bring him back from the planes of Celestia! Among other things, they find the journal of the High Priest of Hextor here, named Theldrick.

Session Eight
Or, the Session Jane Missed

Moonday, 3 Ready’reat CY 595 (continued)

The fight continues in the Temple of HextorLong Fist dies, the elevator shaft to the surface is destroyed, and things look grim.

Session Seven

Earthday, 27 Patchwall CY 595 (continued)

The party decides to accept Smenk’s offer of a sit-down and determine that Long Fist should spend the night at the garrison in the hopes of getting more information from Velias Childramun.

Freeday, 28 Patchwall CY 595

The party reconnects at the Land farm early in the morning and sends a message to Smenk via the feather token, instructing him to meet them in twenty minutes, and to bring no more than three people with him. Fury races ahead to ensure that Smenk is complying with the instructions and returns to tell the others that he is, but that there also seemed to be much more to Smenk than met the eye at first – the fat old man is surprisingly agile for one of his girth.

Smenk parleys with Tyrrell while the others watch from various places. He offers peace between the party and his gang in exchange for evidence against Ragnolin Dourstone that Smenk coan use to shut down the dwarf’s operations. He provides a map of an area 400’ below the surface in the Dourstone Mine known as the Black Cathedral, where the Cult of the Ebon Triad performs their research, ceremonies, and atrocities. Smenk reports having seen terrible things there, and also that he was now bleeding money providing supplies for the Cult’s activities, as they have stopped paying and killed his chief administrator when he tried to cut back on the supplies. To ensure that Kullen Crushskull will not take matters of revenge against the party into his own hands, Smenk offers to have the albino half-orc jailed for one week. Smenk goes on his way and later that day, Jane delivers a message to him through Zalamandra (who makes it clear it was the last favor she will do for Riddle), saying, “Offer accepted. Deliver the package to the Sheriff.”

Fury and Tyrrell scout out the Dourstone Mine and soon determine that getting in was not going to be easy.


Starday, 1 Ready’reat CY 595

Riddle and Long Fist spend a day working in the Dourstone Mine. Long Fist is exhausted at the end of the day, Riddle merely fatigued. Not much learned.

Sunday, 2 Ready’reat CY 595

Just before midnight, Jane casts mass camouflage on the party and a fog cloud on the yard at the Dourstone Mine entrance. Riddle updrafts everyone into the yard. There is a close call when Riddle makes a terrible amount of noise and draws the attention of the guard, but a quick-thinking Tyrrell imitates the rasping, lisping voice he heard Smenk describe from his trip below: “Thisss isss not your affair…” and the guard stands down.

Moonday, 3 Ready’reat CY 595

The party enters the darkness of the Dourstone Mine. They quickly find the boarded up entrance to the left of the entryway and make their way in, down a long, sloping passage to the lift described by Smenk. They climb in and ride their way down to the Black Cathedral, where it is pitch black and only Long Fist can see. He spots two guards with thick strange tails, wearing tabards of Erythnul, at the right corridor, and though it seems like they would not attack if Long Fist just didn’t attempt to go that way, his aggressive stance causes them to prepare for an attack, activate some kind of darkness spell in the chamber, and sound an alarm. Long Fist destroys a few skeletons and Riddle sets off an obscuring mist to attempt to aid Long Fist in the fight, while the rest of the party scrambles around for light. Scar-Eater runs to the top platform of the Black Cathedral (above the roiling pit of black goo) to retrieve two objects lying there – a small leather pouch, and a silver idol of a ferocious beast like creature.

Session Six-Point-Five

Waterday, 26 Patchwall CY 595 (continued)

The party traveled up the central wind tunnel to the final chamber of the Whispering Cairn, Zosiel’s sarcophagus, where they found some items that appeared to be ones depicted in the murals below, including the red-tipped horns of a demon that killed Zosiel, the small adamantine loop and handle device (identified as a talisman of the sphere) the demon used to control the sphere of annihilation that did so, and Zosiel’s diadem itself. Riddle put on the diadem and a new glyph was revealed upon it. A plan was hatched to head back into town and for Jane and Long Fist to check on Merovinn and sell items while Riddle, Tyrrell, and Scar-Eater talked to Allustan.

Earthday, 27 Patchwall CY 595

The party returned to town by way of the Observatory in an effort to find out if Filge had discovered anything useful about the worms before items were purchased. They found the Observatory with Filge’s black curtains all taken down and three of Cubbin’s deputies patrolling the area. Jane and Long Fist headed to check on Bask and the others went in search of the wizard.

Jane and Long Fist encountered garrison troops outside the Deepspike Mine, who reported that the garrison had commandeered the mine in the name of Greyhawk pending resulotion of what was found inside: Todrik’s corpse and the tortured Bask, whose tongue had been cut out. Long Fist offered tracking services but found only evidence of two booted humanoids dragging something heavy out of the mine 2 or 3 days earlier. The guards wouldn’t say anything about what was going on at the Observatory, but they warned Jane and Long Fist about the religious rabble in the streets of town, and against “a bunch of teenaged kids swinging steel” who were wanted for questioning. They specifically mentioned only young men. From there, Jane and Long Fist shopped at Osgood’s and the Captain’s Blade, selling and purchasing armor and weapons, though they chose to buy weapons only for Scar-Eater and Long Fist, and not Riddle, lest they align themselves with the hunted-for teenaged kids in Tyrol Ebberly’s mind. Their last stop was to see Velias Childramun at the garrison temple to Heironeous for potions. They overheard bits of news at the garrison, and Long Fist was invited to spend the evening there.

Meanwhile, the other three boys visited Allustan, finding him at home. The wizard was deeply disappointed in the boys for putting him in “an impossible position” with his brother, but Riddle and Tyrrell explained their side of things, putting Allustan at ease. Allustan shared a great deal of information about local events, the Wind Dukes, the Spawn of Kyuss/ Cult of the Ebon Triad, and Dourstone’s operation. He also found new insight into the interpretation of an old prophecy he acquired from a former High Priest at the garrison. They learned that Smenk had been quietly putting the word out that he sought a sit-down with Tyrrell. Allustan, concerned about Smenk’s reports of unkillable zombies in the southern hills, sent word to his friend Marzena Brevyns at Blackwall Keep to see if she had any more information.

The party reconnected and shared all they had learned from their separate missions.

Session Six

Starday, 22 Patchwall CY 595 (continued)

Riddle and Tyrrell questioned Filge about what he’s doing in Diamond Lake. Filge turned over the bones of the Land Family and allowed us to destroy the other undead in the Observatory without resistance. Filge revealed that he had been invited to Diamond Lake by Balabar Smenk for the purpose of helping Smenk figure out how to deal with what has been happening in the Dourstone Mine. He also mentioned Kyuss worms and the Cult of the Ebon Triad, who are apparently concerned with creating Spawn of Kyuss. Filge was alternately hostile (especially after Tyrrell read his diary containing ravings against the Greyhawk Guild of Wizards, which rejected him for admission, and someone named Godfrey, a lover who had jilted him) and subservient, begging Riddle to take him along with the party when they went seeking secrets about Vecna.

While the others questioned Filge, Fury kept an eye out at the bottom of the stairs in Filge’s bedroom, and she heard approaching footfalls from the roof where the party had entered. She was surprised to see her old companion Long Fist, and immediately lay down at his feet.

The party left Filge without his Feast of Zombies to handle Smenk on his own and to continue his research into the Kyuss worms. They returned to their mining shack to hear Long Fist’s story, eventually inviting him to join the party. Long Fist accepted.

Sunday, 23 Patchwall CY 595

Jane treated Tyrrell for the corpsebloat he contracted from one of Filge’s homonculi, and Riddle treated Jane for the same.

Moonday, 24 Patchwall CY 595

Jane continued her treatment of Tyrrell, but he still suffered some Strength damage from the disease, while Riddle successfully helped rid the disease from Jane.

Godsday, 25 Patchwall CY 595

Jane succeeds in helping Tyrrell rid the disease from his body.

In the evening, the party buried the bones they had recovered from Filge with those of Alistor Land. Wet and tired, they returned to the Whispering Cairn and spent the night in the entryway.

Waterday, 26 Patchwall CY 595

The party made their way through to the previously unopened door to find it ajar. Upon entering they were confronted by two elemental creatures called wind warriors in armor and carrying swords, and four large murals that came to life when bathed in jets of steam. After a fierce battle, the party defeated both warriors.

Session Five

Starday, 22 Patchwall CY 595 (continued)

The party cased the observatory and began to formulate a plan of attack

Riddle and Jane went to the boneyard to see if the Cult of the Green Lady had any information to offer, only to find the four acolytes slaughtered and no sign of the priestess Amariss. They also discovered some disturbed graves in the boneyard

Tyrrell and Scar-Eater went to investigate the closing of the garrison at the Midnight Salute and the Spinning Giant, but before they could do that, they were confronted by Jierian Wierus and his followers and enthralled. Wierus then delivered what sounded like a prophecy before marking Tyrrell with some strange green light, which left a scar even Riddle’s magical healing could not remove. After finding the two garrison taverns locked and unresponsive, Tyrrell and Scar-Eater met back up with Jane and Riddle

The party decided to try to talk to Allustan again before going to the Observatory, but were detained by the sighting of a figure at the old menhir stones. They turned off to investigate, but could not follow the creature when it dashed into the woods

The party headed to the Observatory and while investigating the shed below the stairs, Tyrrell encountered Filge’s “Fetcher/Gatherer”. They destroyed it before it could warn others of their arrival, but no sooner had it been put down than the “Hunter/Seeker” caught sight of them. Jane destroyed it but Filge’s plans were already in motion.

After a treacherous battle with the necromancer and his “beautiful monstrosities” that almost destroyed the whole party, Filge surrendered rather than risk another blow from Riddle or Tyrrell.

Session Four

Freeday, 21 Patchwall CY 595 (continued)

Riddle and Tyrrell returned to the farm

Jane went to Diamond Lake to arrange for the sale of the owlbear cub and met Shag Solomon

Jane returned to the Land farm with Bogodor and three teenagers who took the owlbear cub and paid the party 200 platinum pieces

Party inspected the abandoned Deepspike Mine, a place they believed Smenk used for…disposal

Starday, 22 Patchwall CY 595

Fury, with Tyrrell’s necklace in her mouth, waited for Kullen’s toadies Todrik and Merovinn at a crossroads, and baited them into chasing her to where Tyrrell waited to lead them further into ambush

Todrik and Merovinn were taken prisoner and brought to the Deepspike Mine for questioning
Merovinn told the party that Filge was living at the Old Observatory creating a “feast of zombies”

Merovinn was knocked out and Todrik questioned

Tyrrell dropped Todrik’s masterwork guisarme down the pit

Riddle pushed Todrik down the pit, causing some consternation from the party, particularly Jane, and not so particularly Scar-Eater

Merovinn was left in the Deepspike Mine with food but no means to be heard.

Session Three

Waterday, 19 Patchwall CY 595 (continued)

Discourse with the ghost child reveals him to be Alistor Land and he died a long time ago

GhostAlistor says he will get us through the opposite door if he buries his bones next to those of his family

Slight difficulty getting out of the ball room

Party left the Whispering Cairn and took back trails to the Land farm

Party spotted the gravestones of the Land family – as well as their five open graves

Party also discovered many tracks – humanoid and wheelbarrow – around the Farm, looks like lots of people digging up bodies

Return to the abandoned mining shack to rest

Earthday, 20 Patchwall CY 595

Return to the Land farm

Battle with owlbear

Jane soothed the owlbear cub and convinced it she was his mother

Party discovered Skutch’s tattooed arm amongst the owlbear nest

Rested at the Land farmhouse

Freeday, 21 Patchwall CY 595

Jane and Scar-Eater remained at the Land farm while Riddle and Tyrrell (in poor disguise) returned to Diamond Lake for information

Riddle learned his mother was gang-raped and murdered by Kullen’s gang

Riddle learned that the garrison had sealed itself off from Diamond Lake

Riddle learned that the bowmaker and the alchemist were on the take from the Ashborn

Allustan told them about the Wind Dukes/ the Rod of Law/ the Rod of Seven Parts


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