Long Fist's celestial hyaena companion


Special Qualities: Damage reduction 5/magic, Darkvision 60ft., Empathic link, Improved evasion, Improved speed, Low-light vision, Resistance to acid 10, cold 10 and electricity 10, Scent, Share spells, Share saving throws, Spell Resistance 13

Special Attacks: Smite evil (Three times per day a celestial hyaena can make a normal melee attack to deal extra damage equal to its Hit Dice (maximum of +20; currently +8) against an evil foe); Trip

Abilities: Str 18 (4), Dex 15 (2), Con 16 (3), Int 8 (–1), Wis 13 (1), Cha 6 (–2)

AC: 29 (+2 Dex, +10 natural, +6 armor, +1 dodge); touch 13; flat-footed 26

Saves: Fortitude +11 (8 master base, +3 Con); Reflex +8 (6 base, +2 Dex); Will +9 (8 master base, +1 Wis)


Hyaeliotrope is a medium-sized magical extra-planar hyaena whose empathic link to Long Fist is as yet unexplained, but has created a powerful bond between them, saving both their lives on a few occasions. First appearing to Long Fist in what was at the time, his most terrifying experience to date, Hyaeliotrope defended Long Fist against a mob of angry and vengeful humans bent of killing him. Having no previous experience or knowledge of their relationship, Long Fist sought a reunion with Hyaeliotrope through spiritual exploration. What eventually brought them back together was Long Fist’s death at the hands of worshipers of Hextor. Hyaeliotrope met Long Fist on the hills of Celestia and convinced him to return to Oerth with Riddle. Since then, Long Fist has been able to call Hyaeliotrope to his side when in need, and Hyaeliotrope is always enthusiastic to help.


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