Long Fist

Male half-ogre sentinel


Sentinel 13

6’ 9" 360 lbs

Black Hair, Black Eyes

Neutral Good

STR 20, DEX 16, CON, 14, INT 10, WIS 12, CHA 22

Fort +18; Ref +15; Will +17

CMB +18, CMD 31

HP 113, AC 27

Proficient with simple weapons, light & medium armor, but not shields.

Aura of Good (Ex): As Cleric 13.

Smite Evil (Su): 5/day Swift action: choose a target within sight. If target is evil, add Cha bonus (6) to attack rolls and Sentinel level (13) to damage rolls against the target until it is dead or you rest and regain uses of this ability. If the target is an Outsider with the Evil subtype, an Evil-aligned Dragon, or an Undead creature, the damage bonus equals twice your Sentinel level (26). Smite evil attacks automatically overcome damage reduction. While smite evil is in effect, gain a deflection bonus to AC equal to your Cha bonus (6).

Improved Unarmed Strike (Ex): Deal 1d10 lethal damage with unarmed attacks, or nonlethal damage with no penalty. Add full Strength bonus to attacks. Unarmed strike is considered both a natural weapon and a manufactured weapon for the purpose of spells that enhance weaponry.

Divine Strike (Su): Unarmed attacks strike as magical vs. DR. Attacks against incorporeal creatures have no miss chance, but do half damage 50% of the time.

Divine Grace (Su): Add Cha modifier to all saving throws.

Lay on Hands (Su): As a standard action (swift action to yourself), heal 6d6 damage
(1d6/2 lvls) with a touch, or deal the same damage to Undead with a melee touch attack (no save). Daily uses equal to 1⁄2 your Sentinel lvl (6) plus Cha bonus (6) plus 2 (feat).

Mercy (Su): Lay on Hands also removes fatigued and staggered conditions and acts as Remove Disease and Neutralize Poison , with caster lvl equal to your Sentinel level.

Channel Positive Energy (Su): Uses two daily uses of Lay on Hands ability. (Damage/Healing 6d6, Will Save DC 20)

Divine Health (Ex): Immune to all diseases, including supernatural and magical.

Aura of Courage (Su): Immune to fear (magical or otherwise). Each ally within 10ft. gains a +4 morale bonus vs. fear effects.

Aura of Resolve (Su): Immune to charm spells and spell-like abilities. Each ally within 10ft. gains a +4 morale bonus vs. charm effects.

Aura of Justice (Su): Expend two uses of smite evil as a free action to grant the ability to smite evil to all allies within 10 feet, using your bonuses. Allies must use this ability by the start of your next turn and the bonuses last 1 minute.

Celestial Minion (Conj): Can summon Hyaeliotrope once per day for up to 13 hours

Feats: Power Attack (Subtract –4 from attack rolls and Combat Maneuver checks to gain +8 to melee damage rolls until your next turn. Damage bonus is +12 with a two-handed weapon.); Extra Lay on Hands (2 more daily uses); Divine Vigor (As a standard action, spend a Lay on Hands daily usage to increase your base speed by 10ft. and gain +2 temporary hit points per level (24) for a number of minutes equal to your Charisma modifier (4).); Lunge (Increase your melee reach by 5ft. until the end of your turn by taking a –2 penalty to your AC until your next turn.); Awesome Smite (Concussive, Overwhelming or Seeking); Quicken Turning (turn as swift action); Snake Style (Enter stance as SWIFT action; in stance, gain +2 to Sense Motive, deal piercing damage w/unarmed strikes, and replace AC or touch AC with a Sense Motive check as an IMMEDIATE action.)

Skills of note: ACROBATICS +8, KNOW: RELIGION +13


20-year old half-ogre Sentinel whose hometown was ravaged by a band of ogre barbarians 20 years ago. The half-human spawn of these invaders killed their mothers in birth, prompting the townspeople to quarantine them, starting a slum village on the outskirts where the children were kept and raised. Some of the more spiritually-minded folk took pity on them and fed and taught them until a race riot broke out and one of the human townsfolk was killed by an upstart teenager half-ogre. An all out massacre began and Long Fist found himself cornered in the face of an enraged mob. Concentrating his half-crazed desperation on seeking help, a celestial hyena (Hyaeliotrope) appeared by his side and fought off the men, giving Long Fist time to escape. Since that night, Long Fist has been searching for his spiritual companion again, seeking comfort and a home in the world. His travels brought him to the Bronzewood Lodge community for a short time until they were attacked by the Lizardfolk. Afterwards he and Fury lived together in the wilderness before her capture, and he joined the party on 22 Patchwall CY 595, after watching Fury run in and out of the Old Observatory during the party’s battle with Filge and his undead minions.

Not long after joining the party, Long Fist was killed by worshippers of Hextor in an underground temple in the Dourstone Mine. He was raised with a Staff of Life and returned to Oerth by Riddle. Long Fist returned with a new found faith in Heironeous and a strong belief in the Heironean dogma:

  • The world is a deadly place, filled with perpetual challenges and trials for those who battle for justice and defend the weak and innocent. One should always act with honor and chivalry, and uphold justice. Danger is to be faced head-on, with calm and resolve. Those who defeat evil are rewarded with Glory, while those who uphold the tenets of the Arch-paladin are rewarded with Virtue.

Long Fist

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