Human male rogue 12


ST 12 DEX 20 CON 12 INT 15 WIS 12 CHA 16
AC 24
REF +15
WIL +9

Class Features
6d6 Sneak Attack (half vs. creatures immune to SA), Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Bleeding Attack, Resiliency, Improved Evasion, Daring, Hunter’s Surprise

Combat Expertise, Tumbling Feint, Improved Feint, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus-Rapier, Iron Will, Greater Feint, Combat Reflexes, Step Up

+2 Rapier, Lightning Sword, Silver Dagger, Mstwk Cold Iron Dagger, Mstwk Mithril Dagger, Mstwk Adamantine Dagger, +1 hand crossbow


19-year-old human male Rogue, formerly an up-and-comer in the organization of the Balabar Smenk’s gang. Son of a worthless boozer known in Diamond Lake as “Punching Bag.” Tyrrell was permanently scarred by Jierian Wierus at the tail end of what seemed like a prophecy on 22 Patchwall 595. Since then he has developed the ability to sense the weak points in the magic that animates dead creatures, seeing them as green scars mirroring his own marking, allowing him to strike them to more quickly destroy their bodies.


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