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  • Drow

    Dark-skinned elves that traditionally live underground. Drow are immune to sleep and have darkvision out to 120 feet. They boast a high spell resistance and bonus to Will saves. They tend to be more intelligent and charismatic than their

  • Flesh Golems

    Notoriously unreliable constructs, made of too many pieces of flesh. As they get more frenzied in combat, they might go berserk. They are immune to any spell that allows spell resistance, except cold and fire spells have a slowing effect with

  • Kyuss Worms

    Worms that spring from the Spawn of Kyuss to infect their enemies and turn them into undead. The worms burrow their way into a victim and head for the brain stem. They

  • Lizardfolk

    Primitive creatures, almost always neutral in outlook and lifestyle. Unlike most of the savage humanoids (as styled by humans), lizardfolk tend to live in harmony with their environments and usually only engage in violence while hunting

  • Octopins

    Tentacled creatures with a fearful gaze attack, rend attacks, and complete immunity to electricity damage. The party encountered them in Zyrxogs lair.

  • Spawn of Kyuss

    Also known as unkillable undead by those who know of them. Basically, powerful undead creatures infected by Kyuss Worms that burst forth from the undead creature to

  • Spellweavers

    Six-armed humanoid creatures with vaguely bird-like faces linked to powerful magics and ancient relics. These creatures are alien to human understanding and pre-date all known life in this plane. They are not planar beings but everything about them

  • Wind Warriors

    Ancient suits of armor and double longswords infused with elemental air spirits, used as shock troopers by the Wind Dukes in the War against Chaos, first encountered by

  • Morg

    The walking corpse of a serial killer or mass murderer. It is a seven-foot-tall skeleton whose rib cage contains a sack of innards with one long intestine coming out of its mouth like a tongue. They are fast-moving and a touch from the intestinal tongue

  • Spitgob


    A giant humanoid-faced spider from the Plane of Shadow, whose true name was Flycatcher. The party encountered him after entering the portal in the

  • Marut Inevitable

    One of the inevitables, a broad category of planar constructs, specifically created to confront and destroy those who would defy death. Imagery of this kind of inevitable was found in several places in

  • Visciannix

    A pitfiend rumored to serve as a duke at the right hand of Asmodeus. Visciannix apparently sent four bone devils and two barbed devils to recover the seventh piece of the

  • Dragotha

    Once a powerful ancient red dragon, and the consort of Tiamat. After offending his mistress, he fell in with Kyuss and became his greatest servant, eventually evolving into a dracolich and arguably the

  • Eviscerator Beetles

    These giant undead vermin are considered the weakest of the Hounds of Kyuss. They boast damage reduction against all but silver or mithril weapons, a chittering effect that can cause an enemy to claw at their own faces instead of acting, and a massive

  • Kyuss Knight

    A skeletal zombie in service to Kyuss with green worm maws living in its eye sockets. These worms shoot out and burrow into a victims brain, causing Intelligence drain

  • Swords of Kyuss

    These skeletal monstrosities are elite shock troops, spawned from Kyuss mortal captains and generals. They have damage reduction/silver, immunity to cold and electrical damage, turning resistance, and acid-dealing greatswords.

  • Wormcallers

    These are stooped skeletal beings with giant wormholes instead of faces. Kyuss created these beings from his high priests, and they are able to cast divine spells, some

  • Fang Dragon

    A gargantuan and extremely rare type of dragon from the Griff Mountains that war endlessly with the dwarves who make their home there. They are brown and crusty, stone-like in appearance. They have no breath weapon but their bite attack can drain

  • Umbral Dragon

    Dragons from the Plane of Shadow, they are immune to cold and death effects and their breath weapon is a cone of negative energy. They can also breathe a cone of shadow that blinds you and cripples your strength. Despite their affinity to negative

  • Mother Worm

    Colossal-plus Kaiju carrion crawler from which the party had to retrieve the second key to open the vault that housed Dragothas phylactery in the

  • Raam

    Undead creatures that are immune to cold and electricity, have damage resistance, and whose touch drains the strength of living foes. They also radiate a necromantic aura of fear.

    The party encountered two at the entrance of the vault in the

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