Balabar Smenk

Fat, lecherous creep who is the “big dog” of the Diamond Lake mines. He attained his start-up cash through the generous donation of dubious friends in Greyhawk and through smarts and brutal treachery managed to turn it into a mini-mining empire. Determined to take over the entire town with his gang of enforcers, led by Kullen. The gang also includes Skutch, Rastophan, Todrik, Merovinn Bask, and at one time also included Tyrrell Shanty. Smenk currently owns 4 mines and is poised to get more. He has a great deal of the town in his pocket already, and is believed to be responsible for the murder of Garavan Vest. His house is continuously guarded by thugs and a chained, mistreated Dire Ape, and is surrounded by homes kept by his thugs and cronies. Recently, the party agreed to go into the Dourstone Mine for Smenk, in an effort to find some evidence to shut down Dourstone’s operation, as Dourstone has been bleeding Smenk financially and murdering his associates when Smenk has failed to comply. In exchange, Smenk agreed to a truce between his gang and the party.

The party wondered if Smenk had not sent them on a suicide mission after the Dourstone Mine collapsed on their very heads and wrecked havoc on the town above, but settled all business with Smenk and his cronies (particularly Kullen, heh) before leaving for Greyhawk.



Balabar Smenk

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