Mysterious, tall, blond domineering woman who wears leather and has a pierced lip. First encountered outside Eligos Manzorian’s estate, where she basically accused Tyrrell of the sage’s murder. She was later encountered in the company of Ekaym Smallcask, helping him choose a team for entry into the CY 595 Champions Games (she subjected the party to a truth spell before questioning them). During the interview, she revealed that she is “very dear friends” with Tenser, and also has an acquaintance with Allustan.

After the strange events of the CY 595 Champions Games unfolded, Smallcask claimed he doubted he would ever see Celeste again, and the party’s request for aid in the form of a teleport to Diamond Lake was refused, though she did offer a mysterious “our prayers are with you” instead.

The party was reunited with Celeste in Magepoint late in the year CY 595, where she revealed her true form, that of an eladrin.



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