Dourstone Mine

Oldest continuously operating mine in Diamond Lake, owned by Ragnolin Dourstone, a dwarf, which is being used for some mysterious and foul purpose by the Cult of the Ebon Triad. Dourtsone obtained the mine around CY 545 from the previous owner, Garmustissel Forstermergerbergerstein. Dourstone takes the worst of the worst, the lowest of the low, and will hire anyone who can survive the oppressive conditions. At any given time, around 10% of his 60-person workforce consists of convicted criminals from Greyhawk working in indentured servitude. The rest are mostly down-on-their-luck idiots or drunks who can’t keep any better job. Despite the “low bar” set on employment standards at the Dourstone operation, no employee is hired on or let below without an interview with Dourstone’s administrator, a man named Gerrald. The way to get hired specifically at the Dourstone operation is to report to the compound gate in the early morning, before the day’s shift, and tell the guards you want a job. They’ll take you to a meeting with Gerrald, who’ll either take you or not. Foremen are Lordren and Carr. The mine has eight levels accessed by a single lift. The bottom two levels are the only ones currently active, with a high-grade hematite ore being extracted – a blackish-red mineral, essentially the chief ore of iron. The wall around the mine and support buildings were built around CY 575-6 during the Red Plague, to keep plague-carriers away from the workforce. 60 workers are employed at 2 sp/day, working in 12-hour shifts of 30 workers per shift. Blitzhame and the Greystone Covenant do not trade with Dourstone normally. The iron produced from this mine does not have the golden hue that the dwarves prize. Blitzhame, in addition, doesn’t like Ragnolin, having heard enough hearsay to taint his opinion of him.

On the 4th of Ready’reat, CY595, the Dourstone Mine collapsed.

Since the suicide of Ragnolin Dourstone, ownership of the mine has passed into the hands of Mayor Lanod Neff, under questionable authority.


Dourstone Mine

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