Eligos Manzorian

An acquaintance of Allustan and another former apprentice of the wizard Tenser, with connections in the Great Library and the University of Magical Arts. The party received a letter of introduction to Eligos from Allustan, and met the sage at his home in Greyhawk on the 23rd of Ready’reat, CY 595. He was cold and clearly did not suffer fools gladly. The party returned to meet with him at their appointed time and found that he had been murdered on the night of Sunsebb the 2nd. Making sense of the previous day’s scrying revealed that he had probably been assassinated by an agent of Loris Raknian’s right-hand man, Captain Okorol, and this was confirmed by confessions from both Raknian and Okoral.

The party managed to recover Eligos’ notes from the items they left behind with him to research before the Watch investigators could take them into custody.

Several weeks later, when the party arrived in Magepoint, they were reunited with Manzorian, who reported that his friend, Celeste, had brought his body to Tenser’s fortress and had him raised by an acquaintance of Tenser’s named Agath. He then relocated to Magepoint for the time being.


Eligos Manzorian

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