Faceless One


Head of the temple of Vecna in the Cult of the Ebon Triad’s underground complex beneath Dourstone Mine before its collapse. An alchemist who wears a hooded robe and a black studded leather mask at all times. Speaks in a disturbing, hissing voice. The party discovered that the creature they slew in the temple of Vecna in the Black Cathedral was in fact a simulacrum of its master, whose whereabouts are unknown.

According to Krekke, the Faceless One houses a living worm in his own neck that can fire a ray of enfeeblement, and that he expresses disdain for the Cult of the Ebon Triad, calling them a “blesphemy to Vecna.” Krekke also reports that the Faceless One is a powerful summoner, a master of wards and portals, and can bring down poison gas faster than one can blink.

The Faceless One was destroyed on the Isle of Tilagos while attempting to aid Darl in completing the Trials of Tilagos ahead of our heroes. A combination of wind and weather-driven spells forced the Faceless One into his own cloudkill, leaving him vulnerable to a bestial charge from Jane in her Elemental form, Tempest.


Faceless One

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