Kharhakhan Tribe (The Riftlords)

Twenty years prior to the beginning of the campaign, the Kharhakhan tribe of giants was at a turning point at Kongen-Thulnir. Their king, the cloud giant Achaime Silvereye, had been ill for decades and had finally reached his deathbed, and the tribe was breaking down into sub-tribes, each with their own petty lord and agenda:

  • The Khargak-Dwergun tribe, aka The Riftcrawlers. Their leader, Charlgar, had attempted a coup and it nearly cost him his life. As he and his followers nursed their words, their prominence faded

After the party drank from the Fountain of Dreams, most of them bore witness to a confrontation between a giant/ogre crossbreed named Turrok and the Stone Giant inspired teacher Kroth the Learned that should have ended with Turrok beheading Kroth, but instead ended with Long Fist stepping out of time and preventing the murder, and the subsequent consequences which resulted in him erasing himself from time itself.


Kharhakhan Tribe (The Riftlords)

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