Khelleck Rangoth


Has done almost no deeds of note in the region, except to join up with Auric Taumen and the Ashborn. He is definitely a member of the Seekers, but as far as the party knows, there are no ties between him and the Greyhawk chapterhouse. His knowledge seems to be focused on ancient languages, lost arcana, long-dead history, and the Outer Planes. He is a wizard, with particular focus on enchantment spells. He is known to be a crafter of both scrolls and wands. In previous Champions Games, he favored the following spells: haste, suggestion, charm person, distract assailant, invisibility, touch of idiocy, ray of enfeeblement, and judicious use of wands of color spray, though in the tournament of CY 595 he went through the first round without casting a single spell. He is quick to react to danger and seems to possess an uncanny awareness of his immediate surroundings. A wry, pompous, scrawny-assed bastard prying minds over dragonchess at Lazare’s.

During the CY 595 Champions Games, the party seemed to convince Khelleck that there was a great danger threatening the city from beneath the Arena. He agreed to join the party in the fighting, but dimension doored himself and Auric out of the fight after the first round…which may or may not have been what he planned to do all along, leaving the party to be destroyed by the undead that indeed lurked there. Captain Okoral admitted that he killed Khelleck on the orders of Loris Raknian that very night.


Khelleck Rangoth

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