An elvish noblewoman who keeps a large estate in Alhaster, presumably among others. She is the sort of ’it girl" of the Alhaster nobility, who tells all the best stories and has the most interesting acquaintances, with the ear of pretty much everyone in authority. She is known to be devastatingly charismatic, and a behind-the-scenes mover and shaker. She is highly admired, loved, and respected, but no one claims to really know her. Lordren claims her as his “mistress.”

During their time in the Library, the party learned of someone named Lashonna’s role in the battle of Tilagos where she transformed into her true form, a magnificent silver dragon to face Dragotha head on while the Order of the Storm performed the ritual to seal away the Library. Lashonna fell from the sky during the battle and was assumed perished. If this Lashonna and the elven noblewoman named Lashonna in Alhaster are the same person, no one knows how she survived the fall.




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