Foreman at the Dourstone Mine in Diamond Lake. And also, it seems, an agent of the Cult of the Ebon Triad (and priest of Hextor) who introduced Loris Raknian to Theldrick.

Lordren apparently came to Greyhawk after the collapse of the Dourstone Mine, but when the party scryed him in late Sunsebb CY 595, he was in a well-appointed room in Alhaster. This was where the party teleported in and Long Fist immediately killed the unsuspecting man in one devastating blow. Subsequent questioning of Lordren’s corpse revealed that he was working for someone named “Mistress Lashonna”.

However, when Long Fist chose to erase his own timeline from the course of events, Lordren never died. He is currently not accounted for.

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