Loris Raknian

Manager of the Champions Games, one of Greyhawk’s pre-eminent citizens, and former Champion himself. He is in his fifties, with a body covered in scars, short cropped hair, and a strong jaw. In CY 583, he was the most famous gladiator in the city, retired after a brilliant career in the free city Arena. He used his influence to get control of the Arena and invested in outside businesses to veer the money back in, so he now owns a controlling share of the Games. He was known to be an athletic melee fighter with a magnificent bastard sword who also used a small buckler and daggers for range. The party found proof that he hired Zyrxog to assassinate “the younglings from Diamond Lake," and later Raknian confessed that he had done so as a favor to his friend, Lordren, who in addition to working at the Dourstone Mine, was an agent of the Cult of the Ebon Triad.

Raknian also confessed to ordering his security man, Captain Okoral, to murder Eligos Manzorian, because he was helping the party. They found evidence that he murdered Lahaka Smallcask with his own hands: notably, her zombified corpse with the impression of Raknian’s serpent ring still upon her throat.

After midnight, before the fourth day of the CY 595 Games, Raknian attempted to offer Auric to a giant ulgurstasa that was being kept below the arena. The party destroyed the creature before it could reach Auric and this certainly seemed to take the wind out of Raknian’s sails. He subsequently confessed to everything, and it turned out he was not part of some larger food chain…he was merely an aging gladiator, desperate for the vigor and strength of his youth.


Loris Raknian

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