Avolakia high priestess of the Tabernacle of Worms. A twelve foot long, pale, maggot-like monstrosity, coated in foul slime. Its head splits in three flaps to reveal a lamprey-toothed maw ringed with glowing green eyes like those of a fly. Six of its eight arms end in longsword-length scythe-like appendages, the other two end in sickly hands, mockeries of humanoid digits. Along its twelve-foot, pulsating, stinking, foul length are a dozen tentacles dripping with slime, ending with even more sickly fly-eyes. She can take any humanoid form and almost none can detect her true nature.

Mahuudril created the Cult of the Ebon Triad as a front to engineer the destruction of the city of Cauldron, perched on the volcano’s edge. He job in the building of Kyuss’s army is the seeding of strong, fast, cunning, patient, and intelligent host bodies for the Kyuss Worms planted all over the region by Illthain at Lashonna’s instruction.

One of the children of Mahuudril during this scheme was Archie. She disguised herself as Erik Korbin and seduced his wife, Sasha, even though Erik had suffered a terrible brain injury and Sasha knew it could not really be him.




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