Order of the Storm

Mysterious sect of druids from about 1500 years before the events of the campaign, based somewhere in the Nyr Dyv region. From the little information about them that has survived, the sect was supposedly composed entirely of men. The party discovered this research when attempting to discover more about the term “Daughter of the Storm.”

The party discovered that the Order was actually responsible for hiding the phylactery of Dragotha in an elaborate ritual that sacrificed their remaining members and even sealed Jane away in a crystal sarcophagus for fifteen hundred years, creating a dizzying time loop of an origin story for that party member. The Order had been planning for it since the ascension of Kyuss five hundred hundred years earlier, when the elves used their magic to bind the newly-ascended go into the writing monolith and sealed the site of his blasphemous ascension for all time. The elves moved on, but the Order survived, preparing for the waiting age, the Age of Worms which was always a possibility. They were prepared to stop Dragotha, one of the few creatures in existence powerful enough to crack a hole in the Wormlord’s cell, by taking his phylactery and sending him into hiding.

The Order was apparently allied with Lashonna, a silver dragon who died in the battle to protect the ritual on the Island of Last Resort, aka Isle of Tilagos.


Order of the Storm

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