Ragnolin Dourstone


Dwarven manager of a successful Diamond Lake mine, despite the efforts of Smenk and Tilgast to dent his profits. Treats his miners worse than any of the other managers do, making them wear a uniform with a long cowl. The party learned that he had been moving great stores of provisions, supplied in part by Balabar Smenk, into a hidden part of the mine where Cultists of the Ebon Triad were gathering, talking about the Age of Worms and unkillable zombies from the southern swamps. The party learned, following the collapse of the Mine, that Dourstone had been charmed by the Faceless One’s simulacrum for his complicity.

He came to Diamond Lake 50 years ago and immediately acquired several mines. He’s always been private-like, but several years back he sold off his less-profitable ventures to focus his efforts on his highly-successful mine right outside of town, walled the place up and has stayed completely aloof from everything and everyone in town ever since. Dourstone is known as a completely heartless, ruthless businessman. There is a rumor that Dourstone relocated from the nearby dwarven community of Greysmere Convenant after a scandal involving the collapse of one of his mines that killed his entire workforce, something he has never admitted to or expressed any regret about. Dourstone was apparently “no longer welcome” among his own kind. He was strongly opposed to gambling, drinking and whoring, people (women in particular), and poverty, among almost everything else in life. Needless to say, he loathed Diamond Lake. He was released by the garrison following the interrogation regarding his complicity with the Cult of the Ebon Triad, and shortly thereafter committed suicide.



Ragnolin Dourstone

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