One of the quartet of Guardians of the Island of Last Resort, greeted the party upon their arrival (12 Fireseek CY 596, in Material Plane time) and informed the party that access to the Fountain of Dreams could only be gained by completing the Trials of Tilagos. He claims that drinking from the Fountain would free the lost Library of Last Resort, hidden away long ago by the Order of the Storm.

When the party returned to the Guardians upon the completion of the Trials, Sayren-Lei did not feel they were worthy of drinking of the fountain and demanded his right to a trial by blood. Thanks to an opportune anti-magic field scroll, the party — exhausted and spent from completing the trials already — was able to claim victory in the trial.

Sayren-Lei, along with the other Wild Watchers, granted the party the boon of their elemental banners before the party drank from the Fountain and thus ended their Watch.



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