Seela Traise

Triple-breasted exotic dancer, and the mother of Riddle Whoreson. She was referred to by the town of Diamond Lake as the “Amazing Whorebags.” Murdered by Kullen and his gang of cronies at the age of 35…but after Long Fist’s sacrifice, Riddle was able to use the Staff of Life to restore her.

She was friendly with Allustan Neff, as related by Allustan himself to Riddle over a campfire: “I never got to tell you how very sorry I was about your mother. I knew her when we were children – did you know that? Before she was ‘the Amazing Whorebags,’ when she was just little Seela Traise. Sweet girl. So lonely. So hated. So in need of protection. But still strong in spirit, fiery. Her mother – your grandmother – was a whore, too (everyone called her ‘ Lefty’ – she had a shriveled right hand) and none of the parents in town would let their kids play with her. And since she didn’t have a ‘proper father,’ I kind of took her under my wing for a brief period when I was 17 or so and she had to be around 9 or 10. Some of the teenage boys took to harassing her in a particularly predatory way – demeaning, sexual, terrifying for a little girl – and I did my best to discourage them. Face-to-face confrontation has never really been my way, but I felt so bad for her. She always said that some day her daddy would move into town and claim her and beat the tar out of those boys, but he of course never did.

“Don’t know who your granddad was. Some farmer or woodcutter or someone that lived outside of town. I get the sense that there was a wife or another family and that Seela was an unfortunate mistake. Though, since Seela talked about him, I feel like he at least did right by Lefty, by way of money or occasional support, even if he never stepped forward and publicly acknowledged her.”

The party now knows the woodcutter was Anders Land, and that Riddle is in fact the sole surviving Land.


Seela Traise

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